• AD632 - Error in the datasheet 12V Offset?

    The datasheet of the AD632 Rev C say +-12V Offset – table 1.

    I assume this is a typo – should be 12mV – correct?


    The data sheet is definitely in error, however it goes further. If you notice
    two lines down from ‘Offset Voltage X, Y…
  • AD632测试输入失调电压方法


  • AD632 used as analog divider.  Effect of using +-Vs = +-12V ?


    This chip seems to fulfil all of my needs, but providing +-15V is turning out to require a lot of redesign on the rest of my system which I would rather not do.  From the datasheet, I can see min +-Vs=+-8V.  I can also see that the output swing…

  • AD633 Vos drift over temperature

    What is the figure for the offset voltage drift of AD633?
    We have found such parameter shown in AD632 as below.
    Would you kindly offer this parameter to us if it is convenient.


    We performed some temperature measurements to determine the Vos drift…

  • Part status

    hello Team,

    Good day to you,

    Could you please tell us the current part status whether the part is "ACTIVE/DISCONTIUNED". At this link https://www.analog.com/en/products/ad632.html#product-samplebuy part is available with suffix "B" 

  • analog divider circuit for low voltages


    I need to divide two voltages of ~40mV and 2-5mV.  I wanted to use something like the AD632 divider circuit but from the datasheet it does not look like it can divide voltages of this size. Do you have another product that can do the same thing…

  • RE: AD532JHZ Replacement

    Hi, Nandish.

    AD632 is pin-to-pin compatible with AD532 but has improved specifications. AD632AHZ and AD632SH are 10-pin Metal Header Package [TO-100] which are the exact package replacements of AD532JHZ. These two replacements has wider temperature range…

  • RE: Looking for a 5V analog multiplier

    Moving this question on AD834, AD632 and AD633 to the Amplifier space.

  • RE: 关于AD623的电路

    注意AD623的Common Mode,AD632的Maximum Output Voltage vs. Common Mode间有个特殊要求, Common Mode太大、太小时,Maximum Output Voltage为0。