• RE: AD630 balanced modulator


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  • RE: Can AD630 use single power supply?


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  • AD630 help

    hi everyone

    I’m looking to implement an amplifier in the range of 100KHz to 2MHz to obtain amplitude and phase information.

    Whether the AD630 will be ok for this frequency range or is there another device out there that is better?

    If the AD630 is…

  • AD630 help

    Hi All,

    I am designing a light scattering sensor then needs ambient light rejection.

    I have a 500Hz PWM modulated LED source that shines into a sample volume.

    A collimated photodiode picks up the scattered modulated light, as well as higher frequency…

  • ad630


    What is the meaning of the inverting terminal -V in the integrator?

    How is the feedback resistor of amp connected to the output of the integrator?

    thank you!

  • ad630


  • AD630


    I designed a precision phase detector using the AD630.The measurements signals (sine wave) in the range of 10kHz -500kHz with maximum Vp= 5.0V. The device is versatile and within my budget. For this purpose I follow the design in circuits diagram…

  • Can AD630 use single power supply?

    AD630's datasheet only said AD630 can use dual power supply ±5 to ±16.5V, but not metioned if it can use single power supply. 

    So can AD630 use single power supply ?

  • AD630



    RF是在怎么对AMPa 进行反馈的,rf为什么不在amp a输出端而在积分器的的输出端?

  • AD630 alternative

    I've been using the AD630 to demodulate a 1kHz sensor output.  It works very well, but is prohibitively large for embedded applications.  Is there a smaller alternative to the AD630 for demodulation / synchronous detection?  Is it possible to use the…