• Does AD628 and AD629 have ESD protection at their inputs ?


    Are AD628 and AD629 able to survive to a 4kV ESD pulse of 1 to 3ns at their inputs ?


  • creepage and clearance for AD629 high common mode signals


    Could anyone offer me some advice regarding creepage and clearance distances when using high common mode input signals.

    I am using an AD629 which allows upto +-270v common mode voltage range.

    From initial checks on the net the suggested distance…

  • RE: OP177 SPICE model

    I knew the AD629 but not the newer AD8479.

    In fact my 2nd version is modelled after the AD629, which however has only +(-)270V common mode range. So for 350V with some headroom additional series resistors woud have to be used, reducing the overall gain…

  • Need help with AD629

    Hi, Guys

    I bought  some pieces of differential amplifier AD629  one month ago. I soldered AD629 on the pcb board I designed. But I can not get desired output voltage level. I connect a DC voltage to the input two pins of AD629 with "+" connected to pin…

  • AD629 Failure Due to Inputs

    We currently have an inverter that we are using the AD629 device to control a speed input of up to 9V (0-9V)

    We have are using a dual power supply +/-12V, ARZ package

    We have ruined a couple of these chips and the only difference is that sometimes the…

  • RE: AD629与AD8495的连接(或推荐一款可提高AD8495抗共模的芯片)


  • 用AD629在前端隔离干扰,放大mv级信号的问题







  • What is AD629 behaviour if max. CM voltage exceeded?

    What is AD629 behaviour if max. CM voltage exceeded? I have tested some samples
    of the AD629 and found that operating at the upper voltage extremes the output
    no longer became predictable.

    Effectively I am working with 270V+ at the current…
  • 关于差分放大器为什么能在高共模电压下工作的提问


  • AD629图33的一个问题


    我在查看ad629的datasheet时发现图33中最终给出的输出是OUTPUT = Vout - Vref,我自己推导的结果是

    OUTPUT = Vout + 0.99Vref,相当于OUTPUT = Vout + Vref,这里应该是加还是减呢?