• AD629

    This circuit can cause oscillation?What is the solution?

  • AD629


    we are using AD629, and the maximum input common mode voltage is 300V, and we need meet the reinforced insulation class, just worry about whether the IC can support that, the distance of pin 4 to Pin3 as well as pin1 to pin2 can meet this? m…

  • RE: Is the AD629 the op-amp with the best common mode rejection?

    Thanks for the answer,

    Basically I have 3 choices: the AD629, the TI component INA149 and the LT op-amp LT1990.

    In the past I used exclusively the AD629 and probably will continue to use it.

    Best regards,


  • about AD629


    How to design an AC voltage value with AD629 to detect about 100 Vp-p with variable frequencies


    Can this circcuit do it?

  • AD629 EMC

    Hi evryone!  Please answer, what standards of electromagnetic compatibility and safety (IEC, EN…) corresponds the AD629AR?

  • RE: AD629 Package (CTI)Comparative tracking index

    Hello Paul, 

    Apologies for the delay. 

    Unfortunately, we do not have verified values for the CTI of the AD629. Those are only verified for our isolator parts.

    I can confirm, though, that the package of the AD629 is rated at 600V. I also tracked down…

  • RE: Differential amplifier drift at output

    Hi Siva,

    Can you tell me what is the part number of the shunt resistor that you used? If the value of the shunt resistor change due to temperature, it will reflect as gain error on the measurements.

    How did you expose the parts on 60°C? May I know if…

  • RE: OP1177 Common Mode Voltage


    Thank you for your interest in ADI products. The OP1177 has an operating input range of +/-13.5V for both the inverting and non-inverting pins for a supply voltage of +/-15V. That being said, I don't think the OP1177 will  be able to withstand…

  • RE: High-side current sensing at 120V

    Since you need the full range from 0 to 130V then the AD629 architecture is the way to go.

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