• AD629


    we are using AD629, and the maximum input common mode voltage is 300V, and we need meet the reinforced insulation class, just worry about whether the IC can support that, the distance of pin 4 to Pin3 as well as pin1 to pin2 can meet this? m…

  • AD629

    This circuit can cause oscillation?What is the solution?

  • about AD629


    How to design an AC voltage value with AD629 to detect about 100 Vp-p with variable frequencies


    Can this circcuit do it?

  • AD629 EMC

    Hi evryone!  Please answer, what standards of electromagnetic compatibility and safety (IEC, EN…) corresponds the AD629AR?

  • AD629 - Instability & Oscillations

    Hello Dear Community,

    We are using AD629 (will be replaced with AD8479 in our next revision for its rail-to-rail output) to measure high voltage (5000V - DC & PWM -). Bellow is the schematics of our implementation:

    During the first test, we wanted…

  • AD629 Failure Due to Inputs

    We currently have an inverter that we are using the AD629 device to control a speed input of up to 9V (0-9V)

    We have are using a dual power supply +/-12V, ARZ package

    We have ruined a couple of these chips and the only difference is that sometimes the…

  • Need help with AD629

    Hi, Guys

    I bought  some pieces of differential amplifier AD629  one month ago. I soldered AD629 on the pcb board I designed. But I can not get desired output voltage level. I connect a DC voltage to the input two pins of AD629 with "+" connected to pin…

  • MTBF data for the AD629.

    I’m looking for the MTBF data for the AD629.

    Please share the data.

  • AD629检测高电压



  • AD629图33的一个问题


    我在查看ad629的datasheet时发现图33中最终给出的输出是OUTPUT = Vout - Vref,我自己推导的结果是

    OUTPUT = Vout + 0.99Vref,相当于OUTPUT = Vout + Vref,这里应该是加还是减呢?