• AD628: High level ADC interface

    I would like to get more detailed application information for the high level
    adc interface described in Design Ideas issue of October 30, 2003, (see
    attached). In particular, how to set gain/attenuation, if even larger input
    signals possible…
  • RE: Best options for robust 4-20ma current loop receiver - AD628?

    Hello Eric,

    Please see response per item:

    1. AD628 has high common mode input voltage range up to +/- 120V but for dual supply of +/-15V. Single-supply of 5V can tolerate common mode input of -12V to +17V only.

    2. Gain error at single-supply of 5V is less…

  • AD628 simulation in LT spice doesn't work



    I am trying to simulate AD628 in LT spice. I have attached the schematic here. 

    On Run, I cant get the output. I can see the input. Could anyone please help? I am new to spice simulations. My aim is to design an inverting amplifier and…

  • How to calculate offset voltage of AD628


    I'm using the difference amplifier AD628 (exact model AD628ARMZ) in our circuits and we are having issues which seem to be caused by the offset voltage. To identify if the parts used here are within their spec, I would like to calculate the offset…

  • AD628 inverting and non inverting apmlifeir


    I tried to simulate AD628 inverting and non inverting amplifier  Supply voltage is 14v. Input max of sine wave is 1V to -1V. I want to design an inverting and non inverting amplifier at 50HZ using AD628. Could anyone help. I tried t0 simulate the same…

  • RE: AD628 Spice model

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  • AD628 : negative common-mode voltage issue


    I'm having trouble with a AD628 amplifier.

    I have to measure a voltage between 0V and 36V using a divider bridge (see picture attached).

    The AD628 power supplies are +/-5V.

    With a common mode voltage between 0V and 5V, the results are very good…

  • AD628 common mode offset on the output


    i'm using an AD628 on my project.

    I'd like to measure a 0-30mV signal with a common mode voltage between 0-5V.

    Here is the circuit :

    The Gain of this circuit is 10 (First stage gain: 0.1, Second stage gain: 100).

    According to the…

  • RE: AD628 offset issue

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