• RE: Re: Mux ADG1409

    Hi Theresa,

    Sorry for my bad writing... Below my answers.

    1. You say that results are good for the V and PT100 measurements but not linear for the 4-20mA.  Can you give details.

    - My results are based in Spice simulations. For PT100 and V, I'm measuring…

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  • RE: 寻找一款输入共模电压可以大于供电电压的仪表放大器



    I am using a AD627 for my 4-20ma receiver,  now I want to add an Analog isolation amplifier, my circuit has a 5VDC simple power suply,   wich IC do you will  use for this?  thanks

  • AD627BRZ : Micropower, Single- and Dual-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Instrumentation Amplifier

    We have selected and procured the following components for our project. 


    The end customer wants details regarding Grade ( like Automotive, Military ) which we couldn't find in the attached Data Sheet. Kindly provide us these information.…

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  • RE: Amp01 single 9V battery supply ... problems



      Too old to do a start up;  Why don't you do one??

    Here's another idea.   Use a REF196 (micropower 45 uA, DIP) to regulate the 9V down to 3.3V

    and then use an AD8237 on an adapter board.

    Maybe you'll get six months out of a battery?…

  • RE: pressure amplification

    Hi Inayath,

    Actually you can modify the CN0295 reference circuit to fit on your design. Are you going to build this on PCB board? Below is a simple circuit but feel free to add/remove or modify it based on your needs i.e. Voltage drive.

    You may want…

  • RE: AD 620 biasing problem?

    Hi again Ali,

    Considering your configuration, I think the AD627 might be a possible candidate for you. It will work with input voltages up -0.1 of the negative rail. It has relatively low noise, low offset and consumes very little power. If you do consider…

  • 仪表放大器AD8237为什么线性很差?