• AD627 NonLinearity

    I am having issue with a 4-20 ma measurement loop

    The circuit is designed as follows, with the output connected to a 16-bit ATD (Burr Brown ADS8344). Not my selection, it is standard on the micronontroller board.

    I am attempting to inject a signal…



    I am already using the AD627 that I find fantastic for example strain gauge measurement.

    Now, my problem is to measure a current through a shunt of max 70 mV.

    It is a PWM signal, thus, the information is a pulse where frequency is stable but the…

  • AD627: Minimum Vref for single supplies.


    What is the minimum Vref for single supply configuration?

    The following is figure 39 from the AD627's datasheet.

    The minimum Vref curve is greater than 0V for Vin(-) <3.2V, but I can't find its exact value. Also, what happens if I force a…

  • AD627 question about the REFERENCE INPUT

    AD627 question about the REFERENCE INPUT , what is this means?

    Rin 125K

  • AD627 Common Mode Range calculator page


    I'm working on a weight measurement connected device.

    I use an AD627 powered at 5v in single supply (final project will be powered with 3AAA).

    The strain gauge is a full bridge (1k ohm for each resistor witch give a differential voltage…

  • AD627 supply when at lower rail exceeds 85uA maximum

    I'm using the AD627 to subract a DC bias in a very low power application.  The data sheet says 85 uA supply current maximum.  Which seems true for positive differences all the way up to the positive rail.  I'm seeing like 180uA when the difference is…

  • 仪表放大器AD627输出异常



    图1 硬件电路图

    图2  放大倍数为500时的波形,已有偏移

  • 关于AD627在4-20mA检测电路中的问题





  • 求救AD627共模电压的问题,一直搞不懂


  • A/C signal processing circuit


    I'm currenty designing A/C signal processing curcuit using AD op-amps. Could someone take a look at my circuit?

    Design requirements:

    Input signal:

    bipolar source, not connected to GND, 2Vp-p

    band: DS-10kHz,

    source impedance: 50 oh…