• AD624

    Is there any instrumentation amplifier which has same spec or better to AD624 (mil grade) but with SMT packaging?

  • AD624 PGA

    hi.. I am designing programmable gain low noise amplifier by using AD624 with AD7528 and AD712 . Can you please help me out with circuit operation and how can i change my gain using digital data.

  • AD624 noise

    1)I'm working on the low noise measurement of AD624. I use it as a differential amplifier to read the current through a sampling resistor Rs. When Rs=10 ohms, I get about output noise voltage spectral density of about  4 uv/Hz^0.5(Gain=1000) using…
  • AD524 vs. AD624?


    I am designing an op amp circuit and would like to use either the AD524 (cheaper, available in surface mount package) or the AD624 ("newer" part number, but more expensive, not available in surface mount package).

    Since both op amps…

  • Noise in AD624

    Hello, my name is Eduardo Heredia and I am a student of Electronics Engineering at the National University of San Luis (Argentina). I am doing my final project; this is a digitally programmable signal conditioner from a plate with FPGA. The signal co…

  • Replacing AD624 with AD8295

    Hi all,

    We are using AD624 Instrumentation Amplifier for our signal Conditioning Application for Strain gauge based sensor like Force and Torque Sensors.  Here we get Voltage in mV and we are using AD624 as IA and then a second order Butter worth filter…

  • 帮忙解决AD624问题


  • how to choose servo loop op amp for testing AD624?

    Hello Expert,

    how to choose auxiliary op amp for testing AD624? is there any general rule for selection?

    I found the Simple Op Amp Measurements method from ADI website.


  • RE: 高精度小信号放大电路


  • RE: DC Differential amplification with gain

    Hi Jason,

    AD524 and AD624 might not be the suitable amplifiers for your application. The AD524 arequires an input bias current of 25 nA - 50 nA while the AD624 requires an input bias current of 15nA - 50 nA depending on the grade of the part, the amplifiers…