• AD623 min voltage in single-rail vs dual-rail supply mode

    The data sheet for the AD623 lists the supply-voltage range as +-2.5V to +-6V in dual-supply mode, but as +2.7V to +12V in single-supply mode (Table 4).

    The maximum voltage makes sense; +-6V is the same 12-volt difference as 0 to +12V. But the minimum…

  • AD623 LTspice simulation issue. it take too much time

    I download the 1D623 from AD site and simule it with LT spice in transient. 

    about 10min wait it's still a 12% of simulation.

    I don't know what I have to check to solve this. 

    is someone can help me on this please?


  • Questions about dc bias current return path in AD623

    Hi everyone,

    I want to use AD623 to do the first stage of a large gain multistage amplifier circuit(G = 200~1000). The voltage of my input signal is about 1mV, so i need to remove the dc bias current. If i series 1nF capacitors  at the input of AD623,…

  • AD623 use case

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to check whether im using the ad623 in a way which it'll work.

    I have two connected, both single supply with 0 and 3.3V. The gain resistor is set to 381 and the power supply has a 10uF capacitor  as well as a 100 nF.


  • AD623能否在反馈电阻端直接加上右腿驱动电路?


  • Difference between AD623 and AD8421


    I use both AD623 and AD8421 as instrumentation amplifiers for subtracting an electrical signal. Although both are set to the same gain, AD623 shows much better signal to noise ratio. 

    So, my question is, what is the differentce between AD623 and…

  • AD623 using

    I'm now using AD623, single power supply +12V, need to convert 0~5V output signal into 0~10V, but now can only get a maximum of 7.5V output signal instead of 10V. The attachment is the circuit diagram, can you help me check if there's any mistake with…

  • Alternative to AD623


    I tried several models for my design (put under NDA). Best result was with AD623. However, I wonder if there is an instrumentation amplifier with the same architecture as AD623 is available with less noise.

    What I believe to be needed is not normal…

  • 关于AD623输入端串联电容的问题







  • AD623不线性放大问题求教