• AD623: Output impedance


    What is the output resistance of the AD623ARM Instrumentation Amplifier?


    The output is active and will be maintained as a low impedance by the action of
    internal feedback.

    If you need to work out the drive capability of the output, the AD623…

  • AD623 gain ecg


    I need help in the design of ECG, and more precisely with the selection of amplifier gain ad623.

    I applied scheme as in the Annex but used the amplifier ad623.

    I think the value of the resistor Rg is wrong. How to choose the correct value res…

  • AD623 using

    I'm now using AD623, single power supply +12V, need to convert 0~5V output signal into 0~10V, but now can only get a maximum of 7.5V output signal instead of 10V. The attachment is the circuit diagram, can you help me check if there's any mistake with…

  • Beginner AD623 Questions

    Hi all,

    These may be very basic but I had a few questions about the AD623 and its application.

    1. I am trying to amplify the signal from a Licor li200 pyranometer to be read by a microcontroller (See attached picture for diagram).  The pyranometer has…

  • AD623发烫


  • AD623 - Weird output


    I think that with pictures will be more easy:


    2) Signal before R7 and R8:

    3) Signal pin 2 and pin 3

    4) Output pin 6

    I need to know why the signal is assimetric? Can you help me please.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Problem with AD623 with datecode 2027

    I have a board that uses an AD623. See attached schematic

    The input voltage is 1.45V, the amplifier gain is 5.65, the output voltage is (1.45-0.97) * 5.65 = ~2.7V. Supply voltage is 5V

    The problem I see is that with devices with date code 2022 (Other…

  • AD623 Spice Model

    I'm trying to use the AD623 spice model in LTSpice.  I downloaded the model file, made a symbol with the pins in the same order as the model file and put an .inc statment in with the name of the model file but I get the following:

    Error on line 22…

  • AD623 gain problem

    Dear sir, I need to amplify a signal of 0-100 mV to 0-1 V. I'm using AD623 with gain 10. + Vs=5; -Vs=0. I do not get this gain . Might be wrong ?


  • AD623 gives constant output

    I currently have an AD623ANZ In-Amp I am using to read the voltage generated by a rotational strain gauge in a wheatstone bridge configuration. The device is hooked up in the same configuration as Figure 42 of the AD623 datasheet, with reference grounded…