• AD623 output need operation time for stable output?

    * Schematic of AD623

    * Output Voltage of AD623

    When AD623 operate after powering on, AD623 has varied(unstable) output till a certain time.

    After a certain time (about 30minutes), AD623 has stable output as below.

    So System of AD623 has pre-operation…

  • RE: Problems interfacing AD623 with AD8561 comparator.

    Hi Christian,

    A few questions for you:

    - What are the supply voltages for the AD623 and AD8561?

    - What is the AD623 reference voltage?

    - What is the gain of the AD623?

    - Can you elaborate on "this seems to cause problems with the AD623".…

  • ad623

    用AD623做温度采样后的放大,图中电容没有焊接,VCC=5V,Rm为采样的热敏电阻,AD623 在试验中REF


  • AD623

    用AD623做一个简单放大,增益设置是500倍(RG- RG+ 图中暂未标识出),REF解地,电源是单电源12V, 在-IN输入端的信号电压是200mV,但输出端是0V,请问这里有什么错误 ?


  • AD623 output full scale

    Hello everyone, I am using AD623, I supply AD623 with the mV signal. Output always full scale.

  • RE: AD623 problem

    I am not sure if this will help, but I had issues getting gain on the AD623.

    I used an RTD with the AD623. I explain everything in this thread, with pictures, simulations, and schematics.


  • Difference between AD623 and AD8421


    I use both AD623 and AD8421 as instrumentation amplifiers for subtracting an electrical signal. Although both are set to the same gain, AD623 shows much better signal to noise ratio. 

    So, my question is, what is the differentce between AD623 and…

  • 请教如何提供给AD623基准端(REF)一个稳定的电压


  • Alternative to AD623


    I tried several models for my design (put under NDA). Best result was with AD623. However, I wonder if there is an instrumentation amplifier with the same architecture as AD623 is available with less noise.

    What I believe to be needed is not normal…