• AD623: Output impedance


    What is the output resistance of the AD623ARM Instrumentation Amplifier?


    The output is active and will be maintained as a low impedance by the action of
    internal feedback.

    If you need to work out the drive capability of the output, the AD623…

  • AD623: Low output maximum

    Supply = +5V
    Vin+ to 10K to 0v(gnd), same node is output of detector(10k is detector load)
    Vin- to gnd, Vref to gnd
    Signal is +10mV +/- 300uV
    Rg = 100R+500Rpot
    22nF cap across Vin+/-
    Problem is that output is clipping at about 1.1V. Have tried…

  • AD623: Power on/off time


    We use an AD623ARMZ in an application in which the supply voltage +5V and -5V
    needs to be defined more precisely.
    What is missing in the datasheet of AD623 is the definition of the power supply
    slope rate for this amplifier.
    Can you please tell me…

  • AD623 instrumentation amplifier PCB guarding techniques

    Can you give advice for implementing a good guard layout on the PCB for the
    instrumentation amplifier AD623?


    The good news is that we don’t need too much detail from you in order to help
    you, so it won’t be necessary to get any…
  • AD623 input signal offset compensation

    I am using an AD623 with a MC33161 voltage monitor to monitor the temperature of a part.

    V_SET is around 1.1 V, V_ACT the current temperature monitor voltage being equal to V_SET when the temperature is reached.

    Reference voltage for the AD623 is 2.54V…

  • Problem with AD623 with datecode 2027

    I have a board that uses an AD623. See attached schematic

    The input voltage is 1.45V, the amplifier gain is 5.65, the output voltage is (1.45-0.97) * 5.65 = ~2.7V. Supply voltage is 5V

    The problem I see is that with devices with date code 2022 (Other…

  • RE: AD623 gain ecg

    This is an old thread, and perhaps nobody is looking at it any more. But Gustavo's answer doesn't quite make sense to me -- in all ECG applications that I know of, you measure the voltage *difference* between two electrodes. In that case, why wouldn't…

  • The problems of AD623 used in right leg driven circuit


    I want to use DRL in collecting EMG signals, but now i meet some problems. It is clearly that there is only bottom noise when input the vacancy. And we can get EMG signals including power frequency noise when the input is plugged into the body. So…

  • AD623 min voltage in single-rail vs dual-rail supply mode

    The data sheet for the AD623 lists the supply-voltage range as +-2.5V to +-6V in dual-supply mode, but as +2.7V to +12V in single-supply mode (Table 4).

    The maximum voltage makes sense; +-6V is the same 12-volt difference as 0 to +12V. But the minimum…