• AD623 input signal offset compensation

    I am using an AD623 with a MC33161 voltage monitor to monitor the temperature of a part.

    V_SET is around 1.1 V, V_ACT the current temperature monitor voltage being equal to V_SET when the temperature is reached.

    Reference voltage for the AD623 is 2.54V…

  • Problem with AD623 with datecode 2027

    I have a board that uses an AD623. See attached schematic

    The input voltage is 1.45V, the amplifier gain is 5.65, the output voltage is (1.45-0.97) * 5.65 = ~2.7V. Supply voltage is 5V

    The problem I see is that with devices with date code 2022 (Other…

  • AD623 problem

    Dear guys,

    I have this problem on my application using AD623. Somehow, the output of AD623 becoming fluctuating after the power turned off and then on again after next 9 hours. It is a simple application actually. I use two divider circuits of thermistor…

  • AD623 Issues

    Hi, I am using AD623 as a current to voltage converter by using a shunt resistor. The supply rail is 5V, the gain is set to 1 (Rg  pins open).

    The voltage output follows the input voltage across the shunt till a value of about 4.7V and after that it jumps…

  • ad623

    用AD623做温度采样后的放大,图中电容没有焊接,VCC=5V,Rm为采样的热敏电阻,AD623 在试验中REF


  • AD623

    用AD623做一个简单放大,增益设置是500倍(RG- RG+ 图中暂未标识出),REF解地,电源是单电源12V, 在-IN输入端的信号电压是200mV,但输出端是0V,请问这里有什么错误 ?


  • Alternative to AD623


    I tried several models for my design (put under NDA). Best result was with AD623. However, I wonder if there is an instrumentation amplifier with the same architecture as AD623 is available with less noise.

    What I believe to be needed is not normal…

  • AD623 use case

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to check whether im using the ad623 in a way which it'll work.

    I have two connected, both single supply with 0 and 3.3V. The gain resistor is set to 381 and the power supply has a 10uF capacitor  as well as a 100 nF.


  • AD623 offset


  • questions about AD623

       I am doing my project with AD623, there are two questions I don't understand.
       1.On page 20 of datasheet of AD623, what's the '0.6V' stand for in the equations above Figure55? Why it adds 0.6V here? Does it mean the PNP junction voltage?…