• AD621: PSRR


    We have an AD621 measuring the voltage drop across a 2.5R sense resistor.
    We are measuring 78uV of noise at the output of the AD621 with x10 gain. I have
    taken the inputs 2,3 out of circuit and directly shorted them. The noise is
    still there.
    The data…

  • AD621 data sheet Rev.B,  SOIC Package (dimension height) error

    There is a discrepancy data sheet error as reference below, which are not
    aligned. can you advise which package is correct.


    (a) In wwww.analog.com. Under the AD621 product page for AD621ARZ, under the
    section "Price…
  • Using AD621 with single supply + Load Cell + adc


    I am fairly inexperienced with load cells + instrumentation amplifiers. I'm looking to create the following circuit so that my load cell signal is amplified into a proper range for my ADC using a single supply. This is very similar to the situations…

  • RE: AD621 drift with temperature

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  • AD621的输入电压电流噪声询问


    1. 说明书 page 6 中TPC 6. Voltage Noise Spectral Density在增益10 和增益100的时候,其电压噪声转折频率是多少?另外按照page11的Figure 4. Make vs. Buy中离散模型计算,不明白运放的增益为什么等于100。按照图中标示的电阻计算,增益只有1…

  • 关于交流小信号放大电路,OP270和AD621搭建,但是输出一直不对






  • AD621 spice model

    Hi AD,

    AD621 spice model seems to be not available in models library.

    Could you tell me which amplifier spice model could be used instead of AD621 amplifier please ?


  • RE: 仪表放大器AD620、621数据手册应用示例中U-I转换器问题





  • INAMP questions

    Q1.Could you suggest us an ADI variant for the following application: We need
    an Very High Temperature stability Pin Programmable Instrumentation amplifier
    with gains x1 (input signals  /-12.5V min), x10 and x100. It is very important,
    when overrange…