• AD620

    I am trying to interface AD620 with PT100 sensor, my input change from 0 to 900mV but output do't change. 

    I have attached my circuit.

    I change all 10K resistors with 100E, no change at output of AD620

  • AD620 IC

    Hi All,

    I have two ICs name AD620 548181 and AD620 33756. Both the ICs have same features but the problem is that when i was interchanging both each other only AD62033756 is work properly. The problem is not only with single piece of AD62054818, I have…

  • AD620 Reference

    Hi !

    So I shot myself in the foot with another IA that has the same reference pin that this AD620 has. I want to operate the device from a single supply, so V- will be 0V and V+ will be 3.3V. I want to measure the voltage across a shunt resistor and…

  • Ad620


    I am using AD620 with whetstone bridge configuration.I set gain 127 and gain resistor value is 400 E also I attached schematic in attachment.I don't get linear change in output.In schematic R2 resistor get vary from 100 E to 230 E but i don't get…

  • AD620 Loadcell input


    I use AD620 in order to amplify my loadcell signal. I have Gain resistor of 75R. On inputs I use the following circuit.

    Ferrite Bead is 1kOhm at 100Mhz, 1.5A, 90mOhm at DC.

    My loadcell signal frequency is very slow. I have a filter at output…

  • AD620 reference circuit

    Can anyone provide me reference circuit for AD620 for using it in differential mode, and how to calculate gain for it

  • AGC for AD620 ?

    Hi EveryBody !

    I'm new in EZ community and also in AD620 !  
    AD620 is perfect amplifier that easily can be operated with minimal components.

    I'm using it as an Microphone PreAmp.
    After many test, Now I want to design a AGC ( Auto gain Control)

  • AD620 drift


    I use ad620 for my load cell conditioning circuit. It amplifies load cell signal to +/- 10V range. I need to improve drift cause by temperature. When I apply just a little hot air to my pcb and output changes.

    I have ad620 with a gain of 660. I…

  • AD620 - Spec testing

    We current have a AD620 part that we want to test for Quiescent Current, Gain Error, Voltage Offset, Input Current, and Dynamic Response. I wanted to know what test setup (schematic) Analog Devices uses for these specs.

  • AD620: Decrease in CMRR

    I use the AD620 for ECG Measurements. For coupling in an additional Impedance
    Plehtysmographie Signal (AC, 100 kHz, 2Vpp) I use two resistors 10 K Ohms in
    series with a 0,022uF Capacitor from the Plethysmographie Signal Generator to