• AD605&AD8332 overshoot

    Hi.Our team is developing new products on ultrasonic testing. We chose AD605 as the receiver VGA chip. However, we met a problem as the picture shows: Ultrasonic pulse would make the receiver overshoot although we have designer protection circuit before…

  • RE: High frequency square wave as MUX address signal couses problem

    It seems like the situation is already greatly improved. After all you have to zoom in quite a bit to see the crosstalk now.

    Another culprit might be the cap on the negative input of the AD605. Nominally this node should just sit at VOCM. However a look…

  • AD604 / AD605 :  group delay and channel to channel phase variance

    Do you have any information as to the variation in phase between the two
    channels of the AD605 as the gain is changed?


    We have no phase information for the AD605, but we do have some group-delay
    bench data for the AD604. The AD604…
  • HMC869 AD605 interface


          We have interfaced the HMC869 output (single ended) to the AD605 with a 69.8E shunt resistor and 0.1uF series capacitor.

    We are not getting the IF (20MHz) from the output of the HMC869 at the desired level, infact it is much lower (60dB lower…

  • AD605: Noise vs gain

    The noise figure f( Vgn) is given for a 20dB/V scaling  ( cf page 5 of the DS
    ). What  will it be for a 40dB/V  ??


    I don't have any measured results to give you, but the basic idea is that the
    AD605 has roughly constant output noise…
  • RE: AD605 self excited

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  • AD604 vs AD605

    The main difference between AD 604 and AD 605 is a preamplifier at the input
    for the first one. This amplifier has very low noise : 0.7 nV/square(Hz). I
    would like to find such a good amplifier. Which reference is it?


    The low noise…
  • AD605 PGA in ultrasonic flow meter

    I see quite large input impedance variation specified in the datasheet. Now I
    wonder, is the input impedance varying with the gain? Or is it just varying per
    device and constant over gain? This is important for my design because I need
  • RE: AD605 , AD8331 VGA Low frequency noise

    We want to use the ad605 in a tympanometer  project  (medical purposes). Because it’s our first time to use AGC amplifiers, we find hard to make it work properly.
    Indeed, a signal of 226 Hz going to be amplified and applied to a loudspeaker. A microphone…

  • Hi.I am designing ultrasonic testing equipment. Take AD605 as the receiver. But when I connect the ultrasound probe(matching with inductor), I find that there are reverberation and almost 5us blind area on oscilloscope.Anyone can help me fix this?