• AD604 vs AD605

    The main difference between AD 604 and AD 605 is a preamplifier at the input
    for the first one. This amplifier has very low noise : 0.7 nV/square(Hz). I
    would like to find such a good amplifier. Which reference is it?


    The low noise…
  • AD604 / AD605 :  group delay and channel to channel phase variance

    Do you have any information as to the variation in phase between the two
    channels of the AD605 as the gain is changed?


    We have no phase information for the AD605, but we do have some group-delay
    bench data for the AD604. The AD604…
  • RE: AD604 input terminating resistor

    Hi, I've still not got an answer to this. Please could you get the apps engineer to respond to this. Thanks!

  • RE: AD604 as front end

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • 关于AD604的问题




  • (AD604) Input & Output impedance => PAI and PAO

    Hi !

    I want to know the PAI1,2 input impedance and PAO1,2 output impedance.

    Can you tell me these value?

    Our customer wants to know this because they want to

    insert Low pass filter between pre-AMP.

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  • 两个运放级联,中间需要阻抗匹配么?


  • AD8338 VGA Phase Shift

    We'd like to use the AD8338 in an asset tracking application which would see the AD8338 operate at 10 MHz with a sine wave.  I've seen your document on the group delay in the AD604. Do you have any data on phase shift or group delay in the AD8338 across…

  • AD605 PGA in ultrasonic flow meter

    I see quite large input impedance variation specified in the datasheet. Now I
    wonder, is the input impedance varying with the gain? Or is it just varying per
    device and constant over gain? This is important for my design because I need
    to keep…