• AD600: Distortion of the output waveform

    My customer using the standard electrical scheme showed on the
    datasheet see a distortion of the output waveform (from sinusoidal input
    they see a triangular output).
    Condition are:

    INPUT:         2Vpp  Sinusoidal
              1Mhz bandwith

  • AD9726: Interface with the AD600

    AD9726 DAC output is differential and AD600 signal inputs are not fully
    differential. Can AD9726 drive directly AD600 (differential), or do I have to
    do converson with OP AMP?
    Output of AD600 is not differential (A1CM and A2CM connected to GND…

  • AD600 Noise Macro Model

    We need to know if the AD600/AD600j PSPICE Macro has Noise modeling. 

    If it does, where is it specified at their .CIR file? 

    If it doesnt, how can we edit it with their datasheet specs?

    Thank you for your support!

  • Low Noise Variable Gain AD600 Amplifier


    I, Satyabrata Sarangi, am using AD 600 in a cascading mode to get 80 dB gain. The problem i am facing is always i am getting an amplified output, with a larger bandwidth. If the original signal is of 1 MHz, i am getting a 25-30 MHz signal as output…

  • FAQ: What is a VGA?


    What is a VGA



    The TLA VGA stands for variable gain amplifier. Dr. Barrie Gilbert, a EEEE fellow, ADI fellow and world reknowned expert invented the VGA with AD600 and AD602…

  • AD9027:  Do you have the detail circuit of dither generator using OP27 shown in AD9042 datasheet?

    The following figure is from AD9042 datasheet. Do you have the detail circuit
    of OP27?


    The OP27 circuit we used is just as shown below except the resistor values are
    200 Ohms between pin 11 of the AD600 and pin 2 of the OP27.  The feedback

  • Regarding the behaviour of LDO ADM7150

    i am using LDO from analog devices ADM7150 to generate the output of 5 V from an input supply of 12V. Enable pin is parmanently connected to 6V by using a divider circuit at input supply. I am using this circuit exactly in same manner as given in data…

  • Cascading ADL5611, power supply issues

    I want to cascade 3 RF gain stages using ADL5611. I power each ADL5611 directly from a laboratory power supply of 5V. Individually each IC draws a current of 85-90mA. But when I power up two of them together the current reaches 400 mA(170mA expected)…

  • RF/High Speed Signal Prototyping

    I'm trying to use the AD600 (as well as some other components, but the AD600 for now) in a a high speed application, but do not have circuit boards yet.  The part does not have an evaluation board, but I'm not sure if I can use the white/breadboard…