• AD598

    I was assembling some small test boards using the 5962-9067101MRA (AD598) and encountered an odd problem.  Five of my boards assembled fine, but the last two failed.  The resistance between pins 4 & 5, LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2, was significantly lower than on…

  • AD598 is not linear and stable


    We have 5 wire lvdt and AD598 chips. But we can not get linear output. When we disconnect the supply voltage and give it back again, We get different results. Is there any idea, AD598 is for LVDT sensors? We have tried different varieties of resistors…

  • AD598: Temperature range

    Currently using AD598JR part in a position sensing application.

    If the ambient operating temperature exceeded 70C for this part, how would
    reliability and operation be affected? Will the part still function?

    (Absolute extreme operating temperature…

  • AD598: Multiple LVDTs

    I would like to know if I can use the AD598 to condition a signal in range of
    10meters. I need to operate six LVDT units with one AD598. I will switch
    between LVDT in each measrement. Please advice on The 10 meter and about the
    switching chip…

  • RE: AD598 For LVDT or not?


    I have read through  original question and the ADI team has responded to the queries with possible solutions each time. The ADI team has also answered your question "is ad598 for lvdt?" (please see the ADI response below from…

  • AD598 output voltage does not give a constant voltage.


    Based on the circuit I shared below, I tried different resistors and capacitors, but I did not get the result I expected.

    At best, its output value changes with the movement of the lvdt, but when the lvdt is idle, the output voltage drops continuously…

  • Is there any Engineer can help with AD598?


    We have been dealing with the use of the ad598 chip with lvdt for 2 months. but we still do not understand what this chip does. Isn't there an engineer at analog devices company who knows how to use this chip? Isn't there an engineer who can offer…

  • AD598 excitation voltage

    Can AD598 excitation output voltage support 25Vrms LVDT? 

  • Can I use the AD598 with a wire LVDT?

    I have designed a unit with an AD598 and would like to use a 4 wire LVDT. Is it possible to use the AD598 with a 4 wire sensor?