• AD595 Failure

    Is there a failure mode of an AD595 that results in the output voltage to be nearly equal to the supply voltage?

  • AD595 Wire Shielding?


    I have been successfully using the AD595 to measure the temperature of a thermocouple I have and have confirmed that I can measure the temperature correctly using a myRIO  (DAQ card).  It measures about 0.300 volts when I am at room temperature…

  • problem with ad595

    i connected ad595 with the basic connection single supply operation, i connected the pin 1 to common just as the datasheet says, i have a dependable programmable dc power supply 0-30v 5A. im measuring with a multimeter, the values are really weird like…

  • AD595: Accurate signal conditioner

    I have compared the AD595 and the AD597, and the AD597 seems to have a better
    precision (+-1°C) than the AD597 (+-4°C). Can you tell me why? Economical
    reason? Technological reason?
    Do you have any solution to get a better precision…
  • Strange AD595 behavior


    I'm using a K-type thermocouple and an AD595 to measure temperatures in the range +20 C to -100 C.  The system that I'm measuring has rapid temperature changes, covering the entire temperature range in as little as 2 seconds.

    I'm powering…

  • problem with AD595

    Hi everyone.

    i connected AD595 with the basic connection single supply operation, base the next schematic my input is 13 v and not 5. my application is mesure

    water temperature in the range of +20 - +60 deg. [c] .

    I work in a very noise electrical…

  • AD595: temperature to frequency converter

    We use the AD595AQ as part of a temperature to frequency convertor.
    The convertor is housed in a DIN rail mounted component box. A
    k-type thermocouple is connected to terminals on the component
    box which in turn connect to the pcb and pins…
  • AD595 and AD8495 difference


    I have used AD595 for J and K thermocouple interfacing in many of my designs.It is an excellent chips and works fine.

    However it is costly too.

    recently I came across AD8495 .

    I bit confused it looks pretty much the same except higher sensitivity…

  • AD595 without ice compensation?


    I'm using the AD595 with a K thermocouple. It works well, but for  an application, i would like to disable

    the cold junction compensation. I saw in the datasheet how to tune this compensation (+C -C +T -T pins) but nothing about how to remove…

  • AD595: N type thermal couple application

    The AD595 is laser trimmed for type K (chromel-alumel) inputs. Can AD595 be
    used to measure N type thermal couple? If OK, will the schematic require some
    1. the temperature is <1200 degree;
    2. Ambient Temperature. 25 de…