• AD595 - Thermocouple Amplifier - Cold Junction Compensation problem

    Hi everyone,

    I need to build a thermometer with thermocouple K using AD595 with cold juction compensation without additional second thermocouple K inside my device. I read whole AD595 datasheet but I can not find a proper complete schematic for cold…

  • AD595 and AD8495 difference


    I have used AD595 for J and K thermocouple interfacing in many of my designs.It is an excellent chips and works fine.

    However it is costly too.

    recently I came across AD8495 .

    I bit confused it looks pretty much the same except higher sensitivity…

  • AD595 Thermocouple Amplifer Input Overvoltage Protection

    I wish to include input overvoltage protection for the AD595.


    Does the AD595 incorporate input protection / ESD protection diodes or resistors?

    What is the limit for input current for an over voltage condition?


    Are there any Analog Devices tutorials…

  • AD595: N type thermal couple application

    The AD595 is laser trimmed for type K (chromel-alumel) inputs. Can AD595 be
    used to measure N type thermal couple? If OK, will the schematic require some
    1. the temperature is <1200 degree;
    2. Ambient Temperature. 25 de…
  • Using AD595 for K type thermocouple and 10 bit ADC of 8 bit microcontroller how to measure full range temperature  i.e. up to 1350 deg Celcius

    I want to do an experiment with K type thermocouple and AD595  and to display the temperature in a LCD display. I want to use 8 bit microcontrolller with 10 bit A to D converter,  

    AD595 shows 10mV/deg C so max  (5000mV/10= 500 degC can be achieved/displayed…

  • problem with AD595

    Hi everyone.

    i connected AD595 with the basic connection single supply operation, base the next schematic my input is 13 v and not 5. my application is mesure

    water temperature in the range of +20 - +60 deg. [c] .

    I work in a very noise electrical…

  • problem with ad595

    i connected ad595 with the basic connection single supply operation, i connected the pin 1 to common just as the datasheet says, i have a dependable programmable dc power supply 0-30v 5A. im measuring with a multimeter, the values are really weird like…

  • AD595 Failure

    Is there a failure mode of an AD595 that results in the output voltage to be nearly equal to the supply voltage?

  • RE: Strange AD595 behavior

    ...a long shot...

    try to add a ~50R at the output of the AD595

  • Evaluation board based on AD595

    Hello Sir/Madam

    We are planning to use AD595 in our design. We are looking for evaluation board using this device to test its functionality. Please let me know if you have evaluation board based on AD595.

    Please reply as soon as possible.