• AD5940/AD5941 debug

    Hello, I would like to ask about the AD5940 ported to other microcontrollers, I have the following questions:

    1、I can only do in the debugging process, the microcontroller can send data normally, but can not read back the data of the AD5940 chip, Why…

  • AD5941 serial download.


    I'm trying to design a circuit that has AD5941, and I would like to program it after the board fab. I don't seem to find a way to download a file to a flash memory of AD5941 from its datasheet. 

    I have two questions:

    1. Where can I find information…
  • AD5941 review with BIA example

    Hi Support,

    Would you please review my schematic design for AD5941, specially the USB electrode as I am planning to test impedance reading with Z board (resistors and capacitors from dev kit) I am using the BIA example with Rcal 10Kohms for the firmware…

  • Differential pulse voltammetry on AD5941

    Hello forum,

    I'm working on a simple potentiostat utilizing the AD5941 chip. I have searched and used the official github repository with code examples for this chip. Im using the Nucleo-F411RE board so it was not a problem. It was very helpful to test…

  • AD5941 as impedance meter

    We are using the AD5941 to develop an impedance meter.
    We would like to make differential (2 channel) measurements using the Re0, Ce0 Se0 inputs and other inputs from the switch matrix such as AINx or AFEx for the second channel.
    Which inputs would you…

  • Using AD5941 as a voltmeter

    Good morning. I'm using  AD5941BATZ board, based on AD5941 chipset. 

    I wonder if one of the samples that are available at https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/ad5940-examples/tree/master/examples

    might be modified in order to use the BATZ board as a simple…

  • RE: AD5941 SPI return only 0x0101

    we use MCU nrf52840 to control AD5941.We encountered the same problem as this person, the SPI MISO returns  0x0101 all the time.How do you usually solve this situation?

  • AD5941 S/W Design Flow Chart

    Hi Sir,

    AD5941 frequency sweep flow chart It's the same AD5933 design flow or there are other flow chart??



  • Problem with AD5941 Cyclic voltammetry measurement


    I have a problem with CV measurement with EVAL-AD5941 recently.

    In my case, I used the parameter settings in IAR down below:

    This program is a part of AD5940_Ramp, inside the AD5940_Main.c.

    void AD5940RampStructInit(void)
      AppRAMPCfg_Type *pRampC…