• ad5941 ocp measurement

    Hi, How can ad5941 measure the open circuit potential(OCP) between RE and WE(or AINx) before EIS measurement?

  • RE: ad5941 EIS impedance

    This is what most people do when implementing EIS measurements with the AD5933/4 as EIS typically requires the widest frequency range the chip can cover and single-point and dual-point calibration produce reasonably accurate results only for very narrow…

  • AD5941 AFEx connection


    I am designing a hardware with AD5941.

    We have some confusion about the connections of AFEx. Figure 3 suggests that the AFEx inputs are not connected to the MUX. Instead, where the AD5940 (Figure 2) shows AFEx, there is only AINx.

    Referring to Table…

  • RE: Problem INT1 to use code example on AD5941

    I have seen that it is not necessary to have a gpio of output for controller 1 which is the one that the AD594x library uses to do polling. So for now, having the INT0 to read the FIFO threshold is enough for me.

  • AD5941 impedance

    Hi, I would like to ask whether the gain factor should be calibrated when using ad5941 to measure impedance spectrum, just like ad5933?

  • AD5941


    can i connect a 4 électrodes electromical cell on AD5941  ?

    That it is the most suitable RCAL value for electrochemical cells ?

    What is the value of Thermal Resistance( Rjtheta )for the AD5941 device ?

    best regard 

  • ad5941 High impedance


    I am trying measure high impedances with AD5941. The biggest impedance that I want measure is 3Gohms, however I doesn't work.

    I try the same program SW the same HW with low impedances (100-10000ohms) and it has work perfectly.

    I don't know if…

  • AD5941 ELCZ accuracy


    I would like to kindly ask for an advice regarding the accuracy of the impedance measurement on AD5941ELCZ when using frequencies above ~50kHz. I'm using the modified version of example AD5940_Impedance, i.e. the ratiometric approach. Even if…

  • Question about AD5941

    Hello AD5940 Community

    I just started ad5941, using F411re platform. I successfully compiled the example AD5940_Temperature from github by using Keil. It compiles fine and downlaods the sample code to the F411RE, from the serial port I get the message Hello…