• AD5941: Raw ADC "Stepping" Error of +/- 750 LSB


    I am working on a biosensing research project using the AD5941, which is controlled by an ESP32 microcontroller. After a significant amount of troubleshooting (and comprehensive review of the AD5941 configuration registers), I still notice a "stepping…

  • AD5941 serial download.


    I'm trying to design a circuit that has AD5941, and I would like to program it after the board fab. I don't seem to find a way to download a file to a flash memory of AD5941 from its datasheet. 

    I have two questions:

    1. Where can I find information…
  • RE: AD5941

    i would to use LPTIA(in AD5941)  for to amplify a ouput sensor in voltage.

    i don't using other AOP.

    best regard

  • Problem with AD5941 Cyclic voltammetry measurement


    I have a problem with CV measurement with EVAL-AD5941 recently.

    In my case, I used the parameter settings in IAR down below:

    This program is a part of AD5940_Ramp, inside the AD5940_Main.c.

    void AD5940RampStructInit(void)
      AppRAMPCfg_Type *pRampC…

  • RE: AD5941 Low Power TIA opamp Gain-Bandwidth product


    Open loop gain of LPTIA is 120dB,

    GBW = 20KHz

  • ad5941 ocp measurement

    Hi, How can ad5941 measure the open circuit potential(OCP) between RE and WE(or AINx) before EIS measurement?

  • ad5941 EIS impedance

    Hi, I want to ask whether the gain factor should be calibrated when using ad5941 to measure impedance spectrum, just like ad5933

  • AD5941 measurement


    I have a question about the measurement of AD5941 which I measure liquid electrolyte. 

    Here's the material:

    Potassium hexacyanoferrate(III) (Chemical formula: C6N6FeK3), Potassium hexacyanoferrate(II) (Chemical formula: C6N6FeK4) and Phosphate…

  • AD5941 Core Test


    In safety application we have to test the good operation of the ADC integrated in the AD5941.

    We can imagine to detect a short between 2 consecutive  bit by converting 2 value equivalent to 0x5555 and 0xAAAA. Or better solution for testing is testing…

  • RE: AD5941 SPI return only 0x0101

    Having continued to debug this, we found that we were using the incorrect SPI clock polarity. We read the datasheet as having idle high clock polarity but it is actually idle low.