• porting the AD5940 EDA_example to ADUCM3029 - AD5940 design

    Dear all,

        I have recently evaluated the EDA signal using the AD5940 evaluation shield working on the ADICUP3029 base board. For my design I'm using the AD5940 to get the EDA signal.

    owever when running the code the console is showing these messages…

  • AD5940-ELCZ Ampiometric Measurement without Over SPI without using AD5940 GPIO pins

    Dear All,

    I am evaluating the AD5940 for ampiometric measurement of an OXYGEN electrochemical cell Alpha Sense LF02-A4 electro chemical cell (needs -600mV bias voltage)

    The AD5940 Elechtro chemical eval board come with a GUI Sensor PAL and a ADUCM3029…

  • RE: ad5940 sequencer multichannel adc / power consumption


        Note that even in Shutdown mode,

       The 32 kHz oscillator remains active. The watchdog timer is also active. 

  • RE: AD5940 open circuit potentiometry


         LPTIA may be used as voltage follower:

    PH sensor input maybe given to RC0_0 pin,

    AIN4/LPF0 is the output of LPTIA, which can be given as input to ADC MUX.

    Refer to diagram above to find desirable switch states for voltage follower configuration…

  • Power consumption for EDA measure (AD5940)

    Hello you,

    I try run EDA measure example, but why power consumption very high? It is about 2mA.


  • RE: Noise in received EDA data AD5940

    I managed to finally get clean data. As crazy as it may sound, but what I had to do is move the laptop with the connected dev kit away from my work bench (It was running on battery all the time). It seems like the table might have some electrostatic noise…

  • RE: AD5940 EDA firmware

    So I had a really horrible noise issue on the EVKIT. My setup was a charging laptop and an external monitor connected into it. After disconnecting the charger the measurements were a lot less noisy, however.. still unusable. I struggled to find what else…

  • RE: EDA sensor AD5940 output raw signal fluctuation

    Hi Mariem,

    I was designing a schematic myself and just noticed that a couple of caps might have wrong values in your design, which might contribute to the noise issue you observed additionally to the missing cap between RC0_0 and RC0_1 (Also note that…

  • RE: 2-wire measurement using EVAL-AD5940 BIOZ


          The default pins used in BIOZ-2 Wire are CE0 and AIN2.

    The difference between BIOZ and BIOZ-2 Wire is that the body voltage measurement is replaced with excitation voltage measurement and it's only measured once.

  • AD5940, calibration

    Dear ADI Engineer

    When we use AD5940 to measure GSR, the auto calibration of low speed rtia is always failed. The output value of calibrated rtia is negative value. So what's the principle of rtia calibration and what's the possible reason that the calibration…