• AD5940

    AD5941 SPI only return 0x8080

  • AD5940/AD5941 debug

    Hello, I would like to ask about the AD5940 ported to other microcontrollers, I have the following questions:

    1、I can only do in the debugging process, the microcontroller can send data normally, but can not read back the data of the AD5940 chip, Why…

  • AD5940 for Bio-Z and Electrochechamical measurement

    Hi Sir

    Can AD5940 use in Bio-Z and Electrochechamical measurement at the same time?

  • AD5940: Problem with AppBIOZCheckFreq function

    Hi Team, 

    Im currently trying to implement the BIOZ 2 Wire example on my own PCB but am having some issues. I can run the code effectively at the moment however I have to disable the AppBIOZCheckFreq function that updates filter parameters based on the current…

  • AD5940


    I have opened application note AN-1557 rev.0. on the page 18. and have found some not correct formulas.
    Also, I have a question about some parameters in this formulas. In the description you wrote about fext=100Hz but currently it's 120Hz. Could…

  • AD5940

    你好,我想问一下关于AD5940移植到其他单片机上的问题,我有以下问题。 1、我在调试过程中,单片机可以正常发送数据,但无法读回AD5940芯片的数据,为什么会出现这种情况?AD5940与NRF52840单片机是否兼容? 2、AD5940在SPI读/写之前是否需要一些特殊的配置,具体步骤是什么? 3、官方网站上的代码是否都是正确的,可以使用的? 4、如果我想把AD5940单独移植到我的单片机上作为它的一部分,具体应该怎么做?

  • how to interface AD5940 with ESP32

    I am looking on how to port the code to ESP32 in order to interface the AD5940 sensor via SPI. Appreciate if anyone is able to provide an example code for it or the port file for ESP32. 

  • RE: AD5940 and Arduino


      You may go through the example 

    ad5940-examples/BATImpedance.c at master · analogdevicesinc/ad5940-examples · GitHub

    for an idea on what Arduino commands, AD5940 sends.

    If the end application in electrochemical/gas sensing, you may…

  • AD5940 sequencer EDA + voltage measurements


    I'd like to use the AD5940 sequencer to make impedance measurements (CE/SE) in parallel with voltage measurements (AIN0-3). 

    impedance measurements voltage measurements
    pins CE, SE AIN0-3
    sample frequency 1 kHz ~1 Hz
    ODR 4 Hz ~1 Hz