• AD5940


    I have opened application note AN-1557 rev.0. on the page 18. and have found some not correct formulas.
    Also, I have a question about some parameters in this formulas. In the description you wrote about fext=100Hz but currently it's 120Hz. Could…

  • Ad5940 with esp32

    I'm trying to program AD5940 with esp32. I'm using the GitHub examples and library for it.

    I was able to interface the ad5940 with esp32 via spi, now I'm wondering how to code ad5940? Suppose I want to flash ad5940 with 4 wire bia code, how do…

  • RE: Could you please comment on ADuCM350 vs AD5940 for BIA?

    For details on the ADuCM350 for BIA measurements refer to AN-1302. For details on using the AD5940 for BIA refer to AN-1557.

    The ADuCM350 can have a measurement error up to 5% on a 1k resistor at 50kHz. The AD5940 has a measurement error of <0.5% for same…

  • AD5940 FAQs

    Q1. Where do I download the Evaluation Software/Firmware for the AD5940 evaluation kit?

    A1. The firmware can be downloaded from this link. The GUI tool can be downloaded from this link.

    Q2. What is SensorPal and where do I get it?

    A2. SensorPal is a desktop…

  • RE: ADICUP3029/AD5940 I2C issues

    Bump () or other EVAL-ADICUP3029/AD5940 engineer

  • ADuCM355 and AD5940 Switch Configuration Tool


    Is there a tool or a GUI to help with configuring the many switches of the ADuCM355 and AD5940?


  • Using ad5940 with a different mcu


         I am relatively new to embedded systems. I am planning on buying the aducm3029+ad5940 Electrochemical Evaluation Board to do voltammetry.

    Can I use a different microcontroller/different IDE (such as cc1350 in CCstudio) and still use the provided…

  • RE: AD5933


  • EDA sensor AD5940

    Good afternoon,

    For the EDA sensor (AD5940), i want to know the current consumption of the Impedance Measurement Modes when the  excitation signal is 100 Hz. In the datasheet.

    Thanks and regards,