• porting the AD5940 EDA_example to ADUCM3029 - AD5940 design

    Dear all,

        I have recently evaluated the EDA signal using the AD5940 evaluation shield working on the ADICUP3029 base board. For my design I'm using the AD5940 to get the EDA signal.

    owever when running the code the console is showing these messages…

  • RE: AD5940 10us delay


    ADC conversion completes within 10us. Flag is set immediately after ADC conversion. 50us simply delays the sinc2 data reading.

  • RE: AD5940 maximum bioimpedance measurement frequency


    AD5940 is checked to work reliably till 200KHz.

  • AD5940 BIOZ-2Wire Configure Switch matrix / AN-1557

    Following the 2-Wire Bioimpedance Block Diagram in AN-1557, I found that the correct T-switch and N-switch settings should be:
    pBIOZCfg->NswitchSel = SWN_AIN1;
    pBIOZCfg->TswitchSel = SWT_AIN1 | SWT_TRTIA;

    But the configure switch matrix in AD5940_BIOZ-2Wire…
  • AD5940-ELCZ Ampiometric Measurement without Over SPI without using AD5940 GPIO pins

    Dear All,

    I am evaluating the AD5940 for ampiometric measurement of an OXYGEN electrochemical cell Alpha Sense LF02-A4 electro chemical cell (needs -600mV bias voltage)

    The AD5940 Elechtro chemical eval board come with a GUI Sensor PAL and a ADUCM3029…

  • RE: AD5940 FIFO SRAM Setting


    If you let the SRAM FIFO overflow, the old data will be lost in stream mode and new data will be lost in FIFO mode.

    (Page 87, Data FIFO section of AD5940 datasheet)

  • AD5940 sensorPal API


    Hi ADI Expert,

    I developing the hardware EVAL-5940 + EVAL-ADUCP3029 with SensorPal GUI to read out RAW data, Could you provide SensorPal API to us?

    Since to I needed API to integrate system, Thanks.


  • AD5940 Frequency in High Power Mode


    In AD5940 datasheetActive high power mode (>80 kHz) is recommended when generating or measuring high bandwidth signals >80 kHz.

    In the AD5940 driver at the AD5940_GetFreqParameters function:

    Is there any confusion here? Or do I not understand…

  • RE: AD5940 Example Code Synchronization


    Yes. Removing the 250us wait and retriggering manually over SPI is a good option as well. 

  • RE: AD5940 LPDAC Calibration & Excitation Signal


    1) AD5940 is factory calibrated for 1.835V internal reference voltage.

    Since the reference voltage to be given is 1.82V, correction factor is multiplied in LPDAC calibration function AD5940_LPDACCa().

    2) Are you sure there is no additional resistor…