• AD594 wiring

    Can I wire a single J-type ungrounded TC to a pair of AD594 units - in parallel?  I would like to connect to unit 1 normally, but to the 2nd unit wired in reverse.  My purpose is to have a reverse polarity detector, where unit 2 would drive an LED whenever…

  • AD594: Type T thermocouple

    I was just wondering if the AD594 Monolithic amplifier would work with a Type T


    You can use the AD595 with type T but not the AD594, see the following extract
    from the datasheet for explanation:

    Because of the similarity…
  • AD594: ESD and EMI protection

    Our question is if the thermocouple inputs on the amplifier are EMC protected
    or if external components are required. If so, please advice a solution that
    has no effect on the performance of the amplifier.


    The inputs of the AD594 have standard…

  • AD594  AD595 for N type thermocouple


    AD594/595 is monolithic thermocouple amplifiers
    with cold junction compensation for J type thermocouple. Could it be used with
    N type thermocouple?


    AD594 and AD595 are Pretrimmed for Type J (AD594) or Type K (AD595)
    Thermocouples. But they can…

  • AD594: Voltage changews with supply voltage

    We are currenty evaluating the AD594 Monolithic Thermocouple Amplifier with
    Cold Junction Compensation. We notice that the output voltage from the device
    varies when we increase the supply voltage. The output also changes when we
  • AD594 Output thermocouple type J

    I would like to use  the basic connection/single supply operation of the AD594 with a thermocouple type J, so I connected it like shown in figure 1 of the datasheet.

    Instead of a clear signal of 250 mV I got signal noise around 320 mV at temperature 25…

  • AD594 recalibration for Type K Thermocouple

    I have purchased an AD594 IC and I would like to recalibrate it for connecting a K Type Thermocouple without having to buy an AD595. Can someone help me with this? Is it possible?. Please help

    Hoare, Morgan

  • Is it possible to use AD595 with a Type J thermocouple?.


    I have an AD595 to be used with tan type J thermocouple.

    I am not sure if this is an straight forward, just plug and play. Or there is anything I would need to be done in order to use it.

    I know there is an AD594 for the type J. But we only…