• AD5934 - Conductivity Probe (K = 1, TDS - 0 to 10,000)


    1. We have a plan to implement AD5934 in our new project for Conductivity Probe K =1 so Is it suit for us..?
    2. May I know the Lifetime of these IC's..?
    3. Can we connect the conductivity probe of K = 10 in AD5934 ..? and
    4. May I know the probe range and…
  • AD5934/AD5933测量低阻值电阻


  • AD5934 State Machine Issue - No Initialization Frequency

    AD5934, 5V Vdd, 4Mhz clock verified to pin 8.  i2c communications verified and working.

    (Pins 9, 10, 11 connected to Vdd; Pins 12, 13, 14 connected to GND; 20kOhm from pin 4 to 5, pin 6 to a capacitor 0.1uf)

    Order of initialization:

    Clock Source set to…

  • Communication AD5934 with MCU STM32

    Hi everybody.
    I use CN0349 module to measure conductivity.
    To save energy, I use the power on and off option of CN0349 module
    Follow the following procedure.
    1. Power on the VCC (via isolated ADUM5000)
    2. Wait for 10second
    3. Read the value of Control register…

  • Can AD5934 used for 100V Speaker Line Impedance Measurement?


    May I know is the AD5934 can be used for 70V/100V speaker line impedance measurement?

    Thanks in advance!


  • MCLK of AD5934


    i am working on a project involving the CN-0349 and therefore the AD5934 with a Raspberry Pi Model 3. I already did some tests, which were working fine.

    My main problem is to get the right frequency parameters to the AD5934. The data sheet states…

  • RE: AD5934 vs AD5933

    Hi Richard,

    Unfortunately, page 15 and 25 of the AD5933 data sheet is the only document that describes the settling time cycles.

    Best regards,


  • RE: AD5934 issue?

    Dear Sir:

                     As I study on datasheet. The register of frequency increment code is different with AD5933 and AD5934 , Does AD5933 and AD5934 can used same GUI and F/W on AD5933 EVM? If it have different GUI and F/W for AD5934, Does ADI can provide…

  • AD5934

    when I use AD5934 measure a resistance,I can get different answer. Ag: a resistance 4K, first time I measure can get4k,but  next time will 4010, I canot find where go wrong. THANKS.

  • AD5934 chip on AD5933 EVM

    Dear Sir:

                    We used AD5934 chip on AD5933 EVM for impedance measurements. For measurement of  resistor only , AD5933(AD5933 chip on AD5933 EVM) and AD5934(AD5934 chip on AD5933 EVM) got same result , But when we measurement  of  Parallel R-C impedan…