• AD5934

    when I use AD5934 measure a resistance,I can get different answer. Ag: a resistance 4K, first time I measure can get4k,but  next time will 4010, I canot find where go wrong. THANKS.

  • AD5934


    I just found out a device AD5934 which is capable of measuring impedance and processing conductivity output. Based on my understanding from the CN-0349 that the device works with voltage excitation with frequency up to several hundreds kHz.I am using…

  • AD5934

    In Application Note AN-1252 on page 9, the MCLK is divided by 4, but in AD5934 Data Sheet on page 13 the MCLK is shown as being divided by 16. Why this difference?

  • AD5934疑问

    最近我再设计一个电路板,是用来测定电导率的。我的抄袭方案是CN0349,为了能够抄袭成功,我买了一块CN0349的评估板。 在对这块评估板编写代码的过程中遇到几个问题。真心感谢ADI解答,以及真心感谢用过此芯片网友的解答。


  • ad5934


    1. can I set 0 to initial frequency register? if I set 0, will the DAC output DC(0Hz) signal?

    2. can I set 0 to step increment frequency register? if I set 0, will it be on constant frequency?

    3. If I set 0 to initial frequency register and increment…

  • AD5934 measurement problem


    I have the EVAL-AD5933EBZ to which I have hooked a AD5934 on SCL and SDA pins to try to get data from a different chip.

    For test purposes I have tried the following:

    - Vpp = 2V, want to measure without external AFE.

    - set to external clock, tied…

  • AD5934 issue?

    Dear sir:

                   I follow CN0217 of CFLT to test AD5933EVB and every thing is OK as attached file(Impedance & Phase Data-5933) , But , When I soldering AD5934 chip on AD5933EVB and test same condition then it has different result. When I test low impedance…

  • AD5934 measurement

    i am using big 8051 development board mcu c8051f040 . i am  interfacing ad5934 for impedence measurement . i have connected  RFB=220k and Z =220k want to measure but not getting  result  .please help me with example source code . i am micro  c compiler for…

  • AD5934 design

    We are going to use AD5934 in our new design, but I do not know how to start with it。 

    1) How can I get the lib for AD10 schematic and PCB layout?

    2) How to program the IC?

    3) In the datasheet, we found there are two probes for measurement, they are…

  • MCLK of AD5934


    i am working on a project involving the CN-0349 and therefore the AD5934 with a Raspberry Pi Model 3. I already did some tests, which were working fine.

    My main problem is to get the right frequency parameters to the AD5934. The data sheet states…