• AD5934 chip on AD5933 EVM

    Dear Sir:

                    We used AD5934 chip on AD5933 EVM for impedance measurements. For measurement of  resistor only , AD5933(AD5933 chip on AD5933 EVM) and AD5934(AD5934 chip on AD5933 EVM) got same result , But when we measurement  of  Parallel R-C impedan…

  • RE: AD5934 issue?

    Dear Sir:

                     As I study on datasheet. The register of frequency increment code is different with AD5933 and AD5934 , Does AD5933 and AD5934 can used same GUI and F/W on AD5933 EVM? If it have different GUI and F/W for AD5934, Does ADI can provide…

  • RE: EVAL-AD5933/34EBZ


    The evaluation board of the AD5934 has five terminal blocks as shown here. Thus, the EVAL-AD5933/34 is the evaluation board of the AD5934. Can you confirm if the AD5934 is on this board?

    On the other hand, the EVAL-AD5933EBZ is the evaluation board…

  • Compatible AD5934 to AD5933

    Hello, all.

    Attached schematis(AD5933_SCH_1.PDF) is sensor of Galvanic Skin Response using AD5933.

    I'd like to change part AD5933 to AD5934, for AD5934 is inexpensive than AD5933. 

    I have a question.

    In Datasheet, AD5934 is compatible pins to AD5933…

  • RE: AD5933 / AD5934 stuck in program-flow, DFT does not complete

    here is schematic . i am using AD5934 without AFE .scl and sda are pulled up with 10 k  development  board connected  with AD5934. 

  • RE: AD5934(EVAL-CN0349) output frequency problem

    hi ronishi3: the CN0349 is not designed for the reactance component measurement, please refer the http://www.analog.com/en/products/rf-microwave/direct-digital-synthesis/ad5934.html AD5934 documents for more information.

  • RE: CN0349 and AD5934

    hi mrtP: the following is my test data:

    excitation frequency: 500Hz , AD5934 PGA = x1 , AD5934 output voltage: 1.98Vp-p

    Fb = R9 = 100Ω , Rcal = R3 = 100Ω

    Im = 0xdc0c = -9204 , Re = 0x3f4 = 1012 , Mag = 9259.47

    Fb = R9 = 100Ω , Rcal = R4 = 1kΩ

    Im …

  • RE: Replacement parts of AD5933

    Hi Inho,

    A similar part of the AD5933 is the AD5934. The difference between the two is that the ADC of the AD5933 runs at 1MSPS while the ADC of the AD5934 runs at 250kSPS. The AD5934 IC is cheaper than the AD5933 and they have the same evaluation board…

  • RE: Can I connect 4 wire conductivity cell and RTD to CN0349 ?

        hi Thomas: the analog signal chain of CN0349 is: AD5934 Vout -> AD8606 buffer -> sensor -> AD8606 I-V convert -> AD5934 Vin.

        For the 4 electrodes conductivity sensor, the general usage is to apply the excitation current on the outer electrodes…

  • AD5934

    when I use AD5934 measure a resistance,I can get different answer. Ag: a resistance 4K, first time I measure can get4k,but  next time will 4010, I canot find where go wrong. THANKS.