• EVAL-AD5933 USB Driver

    I am using Windows 7 to try and run the software (Rev 1.5) for EVAL-AD5933.

    The device is properly recognized under ADI Development Tools as "EVAL-AAD5933EBZ", but when I try to run the software, I keep getting the message of "Firmware failed to download…

  • RE: AD5933 impedance measurement error

    I doubt any problem in analog side as I see that TIA output value would always be as expected (+/- 1 or 2 %). 

    It is possible to get accuracy well below 0.5%, especially for frequencies above 10KHz. 

    Do u want see my arduino…
  • RE: AD5933 Evaluation Board external DC power supply connection


    In the AD5933 evaluation board,  I have a question related to RFB( feedback resistor). Do we have to place an external resistor (say  RFB = 200 kΩ)on the board separately or it is a programable resistor from software? Please reply.

  • AD5933 IIO instantiation


    I am trying to use AD5933 as a Linux IIO device, following the instructions on AD5933 IIO Impedance Converter and Network Analyzer Linux Driver
    Based on How to instantiate I2C devices I successfully instantiate AD5933 using command:

    echo ad5933 0x0d…

  • AD5933 measurement question


    I have a question about AD5933 using a current source.

    I am referring to AN-843 Howland current source.

    In the data sheet, the impedance measurement range of the AD5933 is 100 ohms to 10M ohms, but impedance of LOUD SPEAKER in AN-843 is less then…

  • AD5933 Synchronous Demodulation

    Upon having looked at the datasheet and the AN1252 application note; I cannot seem to find a relationship or info about synchronous demodulation related to the AD5933. I know AD5933 works on the principle of synchronous demodulation; so can someone shed…

  • Regarding AD5933

    Hello All,

       I am Jayaraj.A, from Bangalore, India. For one of my application, I am using AD5933. In the datasheet of AD5933, it is mentioned as pin 1,2,3 & 7 are NC's. But in the evaluation board schematics, pin 1 = EXT_OUT, pin 2 = CS, pin 3 = DOUT…

  • AD5933 supply


    I would like to know whether is it possible to use a dual supply for the AD5933.

    For instance by using a supply between -1.35 and 1.35 Volts (+2.7V) or between -2.75 and 2.75 Volts (+5.5V) ??

    Consequently, we have a vitual ground equal to 0V…

  • EVAL AD5933 Standalone


    I bought an EVAL AD5933# sensor for impedance analysis and I would like to use without the computer.

    In the datasheet it says that is possible to use as a standalone device.

    Can I use an arduino or a raspberry pi to control it?

  • Basic AD5933 advice

    • Hi. My name is faiz. Im a student from malaysia, my lecturer provide me with EVAL-AD5933, so my main problem is, im having difficulties in measuring the impedance value of liquid. Im using Interdigitated sensors(IDE sensors) as my sensors/probe. Im still…