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    EVAL-AD5933ZBZ,在安装完ad5933 Rev,链接后,打开软件显示Firmware failed to dowanload-Check USB connection,如何解决。

  • AD5933

    我想问下AD5933YRSZ SDASCL输入电压是5V会损坏芯片吗?


  • AD5933 Application Notes - Question


    I have an application to measure an impedance that is in the Gigaohm range.  I am experimenting with the AD5933 / AD5933 Evaluation Board.  Are there application notes regarding use of this chip in excess of the 10M that is on the datasheet.  Ideally…

  • RE: AD5934/AD5933测量低阻值电阻

    Bare chip cannot reasonably excite and measure such low impedance, but it can be done with the addition of  some external circuits to it: usually a couple of OPAMPs. You can find some discussion on the subject here.

  • AD5933 bioimpedance

    Hi ,

    I want a simple reference design for ad5933 4-write isolation bio impedance project  .


  • AD5933


    AD5933 supposed to be able to measure the battery cell impedance as stated in its datasheet first page in application section. My question is: the battery cell usually has a range of mili ohms impedance which is out of the AD5933 range. Is there…

  • AD5933

    Does AD5933 Rev.C evaluation board & Tools can measurement the frequency sweep 1HZ ~ 100KHZ from the RFB & Z(R or C) value?

  • AD5933

    Dear all,

       Could you please discuss why the AD5933 has been provided with the impedance measurement method it holds. There must be some advantages refereeing to it, only that I don't really figure them out. I'm interested in finding out the theory behind…

  • AD5933

    Dear Sirs,

    Recently, I bought EVAL AD5933EBZ board. 

    What is the difference between the EVAL AD5933EBZ and EVAL AD 5933/34 EBZ?

    AD5933 has 4 output voltage range.  How can I select one of them?

    The results obtained are the following:



  • 用AD5933参考CN0349的方案做水质电导率测试,AD5933输出频率设置多少合适?