• AD5933 chip pin description


    Are pins 14, 13 and 12 internally grounded. ? When I checked with multimeter , it is showing 12, 13 and 14 are internally grounded. Is it like this with AD5933 chip.

    Please help

  • Gain factor of AD5933


    i am trying to calculate the gain factor of this chip that is connected to the Arduino to measure the impedance but i am having an issue with it. any suggestions or help? Thank you

  • RE: Calibrating AD5933 with Arduino

    Hi , can i connect the arduino board to AD5933 evaluation board? 

  • RE: AD5933

    The link to the circuit does not show how the circuit is powered. Is there a split power supply that provides Vdd (+), GND and Vss(-) to this circuit, how the power is wired specifically?
    The gain in this circuit  as designed is supposed to be delivered…

  • AD5933


       I am working with IC Ad5933 to measure impedance.I connected AD5933 with Arduino through I2C communication and have measured impedance of the resistor but it gives wrong answer. RFB=1 k ohm and RCAL=3 k ohm

  • AD5933


     AD5933 has real data and imaginary data register (consisting of 2 8 bit register). they store data in 2's complement form(as per datasheet).So does they store 2's complement byte wise? or first they calculate 2's complement of all 16 bit data…

  • AD5933


  • impedance measurement (AD5933)


    I referred to the datasheet of AD5933 and the user guide (UG-364)of the evaluation board for AD5933.
    Following questions arose. Please help me to clear these doubts.
    1. For low impedance measurement (<500 ohms). An additional circuit (figure35…
  • RE: AD5933 - how to choose feedback resistor?

    Hi and

    I recently bought the AD5933 evaluation board.

    I have a question related to the calibration of the device. 

    How to give or program RFB (feedback resistor) in AD5933. Because while reading the user guide -UG364 on page7-where there…

  • AD5933

    我想问下AD5933YRSZ SDASCL输入电压是5V会损坏芯片吗?