• AD5933 frequency sweep


    I want to do single frequency sweep: from 1 Khz to 10 Khz in steps of 1k Hz . And from 20 KHz to 100 KHz in steps of 10 Khz.

    In AD5933, start frequency and frequency increment initialized  for a sweep. But I want to change the start freq and frequency…

  • RE AD5933 Capacitance Measurement

    As we know that AD5933 can measure both the magnitude and phase of impedance.
    So, I would like to know if we use this information to estimate the resistance
    value and capacitance value when a RC network is being measured. Did you have
    any experience…

  • Availability of AD5933 IC for purchase

    I want to buy AD5933 IC (chip) separately. But it's not in stock for purchase. Any idea when it will be available. Please help. Please reply. 

  • AD5933频谱泄漏问题


  • AD5933: DC Output Impedance

    I use AD5933 to measure an impedance  Z1,at the same time I connect a capacitor
    between Pin Vout and Pin AGND for special purpose,and the value of capacitor is
    changeable. Will AD5933 still work correctly to measure Z1?
    Will the accuracy become 

  • AD5933- Calculating Calibration Resistance Values


    I am using the AD5933 Impedance Analyzer and the corresponding evaluation board EVAL-AD5933EBZ for my senior design project. We were able to follow the example measurement for a 15 pF capacitor and 200kOhm calibration resistor in AN-1053 Example…

  • AD5933: Measurement of Capacitance and Resistance

    We built up an application of the AD5933 impedance to digital converter IC. We
    already tested the device using standard resistors soldered directly to the
    pins of the AD5933. Unlikely the imaginary part of the impedance is not close
    to zero. On…

  • problems of AD5933 measure impedance

    Hello, I would like to ask whether the solution of cn0349 can be replaced by AD5933 chip. When we replaced the chip, we found that there was a deviation between the calibration results of AD5933 and ad5934, which led to inaccurate measurement of unknown…

  • problem calibrating eval-AD5933

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently bought a eval-AD5933 board to do some cure monitoring of a resin system. For this, i want to calibrate my system with a 1MΩ resistor. However, i keep running into issues.

    When i connect a 1MΩ resistor to both the Rfb…