• AD5933 impedance measurement error

    I am using AD5933 to find the impedance of an unknown sample.

    For this first I attenuated the the AD5933 output to around 30 m Vpp ( as it is required for our sample)  and applied to sample. Currently I am using potentiometer as a sample impedance. On…

  • AD5933


       I am working with IC Ad5933 to measure impedance.I connected AD5933 with Arduino through I2C communication and have measured impedance of the resistor but it gives wrong answer. RFB=1 k ohm and RCAL=3 k ohm

  • AD5933

    https://www.instructables.com/Determining-Body-Composition-using-Arduino. this my circuit and https://github.com/mjmeli/arduino-ad5933 this is code . I insert RFB =1k ohm and Z=3 kohm, output shows 1k ohm only

  • AD5933 high impedance measurement (10 M to 50 M ohms)


    The AD5933 datasheet says the maximum impedance it can measure is 10 MΩ.

    My question is, would it be possible to measure impedances higher than that (up to ~50 MΩ)?

    if the only drawback is that the measurement is going to be less precise, that's fine…

  • RE: AD5933 Application Notes - Question

    Measuring impedance in the Gigaohm range is a tricky business, especially the AC measurements, as the impedance in this range in combination with parasitic capacitance of the wires tends to produce long transient times. It is possible to use the AD5933…

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    EVAL-AD5933ZBZ,在安装完ad5933 Rev,链接后,打开软件显示Firmware failed to dowanload-Check USB connection,如何解决。

  • EVAL-AD5933 USB Driver

    I am using Windows 7 to try and run the software (Rev 1.5) for EVAL-AD5933.

    The device is properly recognized under ADI Development Tools as "EVAL-AAD5933EBZ", but when I try to run the software, I keep getting the message of "Firmware failed to download…

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     AD5933 has real data and imaginary data register (consisting of 2 8 bit register). they store data in 2's complement form(as per datasheet).So does they store 2's complement byte wise? or first they calculate 2's complement of all 16 bit data…

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