• RE: AD5933 incorrect values after calibration

    It is not easy to diagnose your issue remotely. With 1.5k in place of Rfb with your settings 2.2k should measure correctly and 1k should not.

    The Rfb and your impedance under test effectively turn the internal AD5933 OPAMP into inverting amplifier with…

  • AD5933 Evaluation Board Invalid data write/readback sequence

    I was able to install the evaluation software and updated the drivers using both Windows XP and Windows 7.

    However whenever I try to program the device registers or calculate the gain factor an error occurs as shown below.

    What should I do? I wanted…

  • AD5933


     AD5933 has real data and imaginary data register (consisting of 2 8 bit register). they store data in 2's complement form(as per datasheet).So does they store 2's complement byte wise? or first they calculate 2's complement of all 16 bit data…

  • AD5933


  • Not able to connect AD5933 to PC

    Dear ADI,

    I purchased an AD5933EBZ Evaluation Board to measure the impedance for cancer research, however, I am having issues connecting the board with the PC. The board is not detected and I tried this on both PC and Laptop. Any help is much appreciated…

  • AD5933

    我想问下AD5933YRSZ SDASCL输入电压是5V会损坏芯片吗?


  • AD5933 bioimpedance

    Hi ,

    I want a simple reference design for ad5933 4-write isolation bio impedance project  .


  • AD5933 Difficulty calibrating over impedance range

    I am currently using the AD5933 in the form of the PModIA impedance analyzer board (https://store.digilentinc.com/pmod-ia-impedance-analyzer/) to collect bioimpedance measurements. The frequencies I am sweeping across are from 5 kHz to 200 kHz in steps…

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    AD5933 supposed to be able to measure the battery cell impedance as stated in its datasheet first page in application section. My question is: the battery cell usually has a range of mili ohms impedance which is out of the AD5933 range. Is there…

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    Does AD5933 Rev.C evaluation board & Tools can measurement the frequency sweep 1HZ ~ 100KHZ from the RFB & Z(R or C) value?