• AD5932

    Hi team,

    Customer is trying to generate some frequencies using AD5932. Can you please assist on the query below

    I am trying to generate frequency sweep from AD5932 IC by interfacing it with micro controller. It is giving frequency sweep  but as per…

  • AD5932


    I am using AD5932 with microcontroller feather M0 to generate an output frequency of 90 KHz  and increment it to 130 KHz with 1000 KHz frequency interval.

    The data for all my registers are:

    Control word- 0ED3 hex

    Start frequency LSB - C5F7 hex

  • AD5932 MSBOUT behavior

    I'm trying to use the AD5932 to generate a 12 pulse waveform. I'm using a 16 MHz oscillator and have programmed TINT = 4 (D15 to D11 = 01000), NINCR = 2 with auto-incrementing enabled. FSTART and DELTAF correspond to 420 kHz and 25 kHz, respectively…

  • AD5932 board design

    Hi ,

    Refereeing to AD5932 in Evaluation board schematics we see that MSBOUT and SYNCOUT which are output of Digital Buffer (0-DVDD) are coupled to Analog grounds is there any particular reason .

    And is there any reason as to why the Analog ground plane…

  • AD5932 Programming/Frequencies

    I am having trouble programming my AD5932

    I am using an Arduino Mega board to load the program to the chip.  I need it to output a sine wave starting at 100kHz and end at 10MHz with the step intervals initiated by the CTRL pin.  I have written the following…

  • AD5930/AD5932

    Hi! For a project I need to generate a 18kHz to 70kHz signal using either the AD5930/AD5932 in sweep mode. 

    However when programming either of the two with SPI (yes even the AD5932). It seems to show a burst profile (I can add pictures later, if necessary…

  • AD5932 internal regulator

    Hi, I am designing a DDS based design with LVDS input. I want to use my FPGA's IO (A3P250) to receive LVDS signal. It draws only no more than 2 mA in worst case. Can I use the internal LDO from AD5932?

    In my scenario, I will not draw any current…

  • AD5932 Strange Output Frequencies

    I am using the AD5932 with a 50MHz clock. I'm unable to get the proper output frequencies.

    The control register and the number of increments register both work properly, but I get the same strange frequency behavior regardless of how I program the…

  • AD5932 not responding


    I'm trying to generate a waveform with the AD5932 but I can't see nothing on the VOUT pin. I'm writing in the registers with the spi of an atmega32 and I think that the code might be correct but I can't see nothing.

    I've initialliy…

  • AD5932 Evaluation Board


    My application requires frequency sweep over certain range, which I am going to achieve using AD5932. Can I get code for Cypress USB controller, which is placed in EEPROM on the eval board.


    AG / GT Si