• RE: Need roughly 10ns or better ramp to drive a VCO

    Do you know much about the AD5932? Do you know what the upper frequency limit on triangle generation is for the AD5932? Thanks, John

  • AD5932

    Hi team,

    Customer is trying to generate some frequencies using AD5932. Can you please assist on the query below

    I am trying to generate frequency sweep from AD5932 IC by interfacing it with micro controller. It is giving frequency sweep  but as per…

  • RE: AD5933 Clock Scaling

    thank you,

    i think same connectors are used on AD7991 eval board.

    i'm willing to buy AD5932 eval board and need to know the type of connectors on the AD5932 eval board, are they SMB connector?



  • Sweep Generator AD5932 or AD5930 which is more suitable?

    Sweep Generator AD5932 or AD5930 which is more suitable?
    I would like to know which of AD5932 and AD5930 is more suitable to be used for a sweep generator.

    Best Regards

  • AD5932 DAC image filter necessary for driving PLL


    I want to drive a PLL's REF input with an AD5932 to generate sweeps. In a previous design, an AD9834 was used for this. With this device, an LP filter from DAC out to Vin was necessary for image suppression, and we used the Sign_out PIN for driving…

  • RE: AD5930 does not work !!!


    So you officially confirming that the AN-1044 concerning AD5932:


    Once the sweep is complete and the user measures the optimum frequency tone,

    for example, 2.5 MHz, it is possible to select this…

  • AD5932 FSYNC / Compatibility with other SPI Devices


    I'm using the AD5932 together with the NI 8451 USB/SPI converter. Using the AD5932 on the SPI Bus works just fine, I can setup a frequency sweep and control the increments using the CTRL Pin.

    With another device attached on the SPI-BUs I can…

  • RE: 关于AD9850做频率扫描

    建议使用AD5932, AD5932的产品release时间更近一些,而且功耗更低,温度范围更宽


  • RE: urgent help with the AD5932 generator


    To start with your circuit, you can use the schematic of the AD5932 evaluation board as a reference. The schematic is on page 23 of the data sheet. After having your circuit, you can check this thread for source codes and useful information in controlling…

  • RE: AD5930 and AD5932 evaluation board software commands