• AD5930/32 Suitability


    I have a requirement to produce a sinewave which is nominally 1MHz but that can be digitally changed in 1kHz steps up to +/-50kHz. It has to be stable to +/-100Hz between 50 & 125 degC. The digital update rate is << 1Hz.

    Would the AD5930…

  • AD5930 producing wrong o/p


    I am using an AD5930 chip to produce a frequency sweep. I am programming the registers through Atmega16 microcontroller. But it seems AD5930 producing a SQUARE wave at the Iout pin of 50Hz frequency not a sinusoidal wave. It is not showing any frequency…

  • AD5930: CTRL usage unclear

    Hi, I built a board with this DDS and a PIC18xxx, this one only used to communicate via USB with a VB6 application running on a PC under Windows XP.

    The application lets me select whether to use the DDS in single continuous frequency or in the different…

  • AD5930 Intermittent Frequency Glitch


    Recently, I have been using your AD5930 Evaluation Board for a prototype, and I have noticed an odd glitch during frequency sweeping.  I am continually bursting two different frequencies using the "Saw-Sweep mode" in the "external increment, external…

  • Getting started with AD5930

    I want to control AD5930 with a microcontroller. Iam comfortable with pic microcontrller. Did any one tell me which is the suitable pic microcontroller for AD5930 ?

  • AD5930 does not work !!!


    I made a circuit with uP in communication via SPI interface with AD5930 to have a single frequency continous and then I would even a sweep mode, but to IoutA and IoutB output with  load of 200 ohms no signal comes out, but only 0 Volts.


    My synt…

  • Elliptic filter for AD5930


    I have the eval ad5930 and i need to add an 8th elliptic filter but i don't have any idea how can any one help me . The signal i want to generat with the ad5930 is between 10 and 20 MHz is there any filter in the market i can use it if yes please…

  • Output voltage of AD5930


    I'm using an eval AD5930 board and i need to know the output voltage of the signal generated

    can some one help me please



  • AD5930 and pic 16f72

    Hi EveryOne,

    I have one AD5930 and pic16f72. Actually pic16f72 is an 8 bit microcontroller . Can anyone know how to do serial communication with dds using an 8 bit microcontroller.

  • AD5930 and Saw Sweep


    I'm doing some application with AD5930. I'm trying to do a frequency sweep from 115kHz to 125 kHz in a saw-sweep mode. Frequency must rise from 115k to 125k and then again from 115 to 125k repeatedly.

    For now I successfully made a triangular…