• AD5930

    在对AD5930控制字寄存器,开始频率寄存器配置之后,其他寄存器都配置为0,无论处于哪种模式,AD5930都会以一个非设置的频率开始进行Triangular-Sweep Mode开始进行扫频,请问这是什么原因啊?

  • AD5930

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wonder how to generate nonlinear frequency sweeping signal with AD5930, if AD5930 could generate nonlinear frequency sweeping signal, how does the frequency sweeping time change.

    In addtion, I wonder whehter there are other parts…

  • AD5930 Latency


    I'm thinking to use AD5930 as a FSK modulator. To do so, I would like to know its latency and if is possible to use it this way. The carrier frequency is 7MHz and I'm planning to use a 30MHz master clock.



  • AD5930/AD5932

    Hi! For a project I need to generate a 18kHz to 70kHz signal using either the AD5930/AD5932 in sweep mode. 

    However when programming either of the two with SPI (yes even the AD5932). It seems to show a burst profile (I can add pictures later, if necessary…

  • AD5930 build

    Can the AD5930 eval board be simplified by removing the mux, test ponts and smb connectors and used as is. Not knowing the cypress ucontroller at all does the eeprom require a firmware routine to be burned in and is this code available?

  • AD5930 configuration


    I am using AD5930 evaluation board to generate waveform. One application is to generate a single frequency waveform, say 100KHz. Another one is to generate a sweeping frequency signal. I configured the board following the steps of its software…

  • AD5930 Application


    I have a unique application in which I would like to use the AD5930.  I would like to create a square wave output starting at 1Hz and increasing in 10Hz increments up to 533Hz.  I have the evaluation board AD5930EB.  I am not able to get a square wave…

  • AD5930 strange behavior

    Hi all,

    I'm currently using the AD5930 as a function generator on a development board. The AD5930 is clocked with a 41.94304MHz clock signal resultig in a frequency increment of 2.5Hz.

    The AD5930 allows fixed frequency mode as described in AN-1044…

  • AD5930 MCLK Clocks

    Could you recommend some clocks for the MCLK on the AD5930?  I will be using the AD5930 to produce a 10-100 kHz sine wave.

  • AD5930 Gotcha's

    Given a recent 'fight' to implement a saw sweep from 2285Hz to 3000Hz over a 150ms period with a 1.544MHz clock, I figured I would share my insights for anyone else who may encounter similar issues.  I wish I had read this two weeks ago ...

    1. If…