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  • RE: Getting started with AD5930


    AD5930 has an SPI interface - please refer to AD5930 datasheet for more details on it's interface.

  • AD5930 MCLK Clocks

    Could you recommend some clocks for the MCLK on the AD5930?  I will be using the AD5930 to produce a 10-100 kHz sine wave.

  • Voltage or Current in the AD5930's Iout pin??


    I need to design a current source from AD5930's output...

    I read some papers related with my project and i saw for example,

    AD9850's Iout pin conected directly with a converter V/I (MAX535) that is a Transconductance Amplifier

    but the AD5930…

  • RE: AD5930 and pic 16f72

    Hi ,

    I want to generate 5 kHz burst frequency of 5 cycles at the output,

    ->What are all the registers i need to consider?

    I need only one frequency as burst.

    Iam using a 40 Mhz clock to the ad5930.

    Iam conneting pic 16f72 to ad5930 to control…

  • RE: Sweep Generator AD5932 or AD5930 which is more suitable?

    as I understand it, the AD5930 allows continuous seep mode while AD5932 did not sweep mode continuos also has triangle AD5930 and AD5932 saw tooth rather not, so it is best to use as sweep the AD5930, it's correct?





  • RE: The -90 degree waveform to the output of AD5930


    You can add a phase shifter at the output of the AD5930. Just ensure that the frequency of the phase shifter corresponds to the output frequency of the AD5930.

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  • AD5930

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wonder how to generate nonlinear frequency sweeping signal with AD5930, if AD5930 could generate nonlinear frequency sweeping signal, how does the frequency sweeping time change.

    In addtion, I wonder whehter there are other parts…

  • RE: Simulation du dds ad9850 ou ad5930


    Yes i understand a littel bit english so i have the eval ad5930 ebz board and i want to used it to make a sweep frequency between 10 and 20 Mhz the question is how can i control the eval ad5930 ebz just from the software that came with it  or i need…

  • Still on the jitter of the AD5930

    Always me ! I will be more precise. AD5930 works well in single frequency whose value is correct for each selected frequency, but contains jitter that is known well with oscilloscope. Furthermore, the sinusoidal signal generated with jitter creates n…