• AD584 dropout voltage measurement

    Here we got a question of AD584 from one customer.
    He would like to know the minimum input voltage for 5V output.
    I did not find this spec in the datasheet.


    In general, all references have a certain amount of dropout voltage that

  • AD584S I plan to generate a 3.3V reference by adding external resistor from 10V to 2.5V taps, but I need absolute tolerance of internal resistors to estimate the accuracy of the 3.3V

    AD584 datasheet gives approximate values for internal divider resistors.  Absolute values don't matter if using provided voltage taps, since resistor ratio is trimmed.  But if I use external resistor I need absolute values, or a tolerance around approximate…

  • AD584 output trimming


    I need to trim AD584 in order to have a 5.12V voltage output. In the datasheet there isn't a formula to calculate the resistive voltage divider for output trimming.

    Can someone provide me the formula, please?

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  • RE: AD584是否可输出1.2V

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  • MIL-STD-883 compliant version of AD584


    Dose the suffix "B" of AD584TH/883B mean compliant with MIL-STD-883B?

    if yes, is there a plan to get compliant with the latest version ( MIL-STD-883K)?

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  • AD584: output pin


    I have a question about output pin (1 pin) of AD584.

    Please teach me the maximum value of the capacitor that can be connected with this pin.

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  • AD584是否可输出1.2V


  • AD484 voltage refernce, what is the maximum value of output capacitance

    I have approximately 1.5 uF of capacitance at the output of an AD584.  I don't see any information in the datasheet telling me what the maximum value of output capacitance is. 

    I'd like to know what the maximum value of output capacitance is for the…

  • RE: REF01AJ/883

    "Is the item IC REF01AJ/883 is obsolete"

    -Hi  I checked with the marketing and the REF01AJ/883 is not obsolete

    You can check on AD584 or ADR01 for suitable replacements.

    "Further if i am gwetting the item from Rochester Electronics , please…