• AD5791 Reference configuration

    I will be using the AD5791 DAC for precision waveform generation (~10kHz), but I need to be able to supply either a +/-5V range or +/- 10V range output.  My question is, in general would it be better to adjust the gain via the reference buffers or via the…

  • AD5791 Noise?

    When operating the AD5791 in the Gain of Two Configuration see Page 26
    Datasheet, rev. C) when
    VREFP = 10V
    VREFN = 0V
    AD8676 and AD8675
    the measure noise is about 30 nV/Hz^0.5 at 1 kHz at Midscale (0V Out).
    This is much more than the specified…

  • AD5791 daisy chain

    We are going to use 4 of this IC in the new design, and we need to optimize
    digital IO count. We were planning to use them in a daisy-chain structure until
    I saw in the datasheet revision history that daisy-chain section is deleted.
    Does it support…

  • AD5791: Recommended reference

    1. For ADI's Reference chip, as below shown figure , Seems ADR423 and ADR440 is
    our best part, whose TC is 1 ppm, noise is 1 uVpp. The initial Accuracy is only
    0.05%, long-term stability is about 50 ppm.
    2. In the PPT file, we use AD5791 to…

  • AD5791 question re Gain of Two Configuration

    I have a short question regarding the AD5791 DAC IC. On page 26 of the
    datasheet it tells about the Gain of Two Configuration. The expression of the
    span appears as: from 2x Vrefn-Vrefp to Vrefp. Taking the case when Vrefn=0 and
    Vrefp=10, does…

  • SPDIF receiver connection with the AD5791


    I currently design a DAC using the AD5791 and my problem is how do I interface a SPDIF receiver (such as CS8414 for example) with the AD5791 ?

    The datasheet provides a Typical Operating Circuit on page 26 (figure 54):

    but the 6 inputs pins shown…

  • No output from AD5791, difficulty interfacing with AD5791


    I'm trying to interface an AD5791-EVAL with an Arduino, and I am not able to get the DAC to output any voltage, it is always 0, or specifically 0.2mV. I also had tried with a Raspberry Pi with same result.

    The AD5791, is connected to the SPI interface…

  • AD5791 EVM


  • AD5791 IBIS Model Question


    I am trying to simulate the signal integrity of my AD5791 however the only ibis model is for 5V.

    I am operating at 3.3V. Do you think this model would be suitable or would the results not be representative?