• No output from AD5791, difficulty interfacing with AD5791


    I'm trying to interface an AD5791-EVAL with an Arduino, and I am not able to get the DAC to output any voltage, it is always 0, or specifically 0.2mV. I also had tried with a Raspberry Pi with same result.

    The AD5791, is connected to the SPI interface…

  • AD5791

    I want to do timing analysis to monitor and control settling time of my DAC- AD5791, so that I can control my sampling rate through OPAMP at output stage.
    But there is no availability of SPICE model of AD5791.
    Kindly provide spice model or some another o…

  • AD5791 SDZ

    Hello, I have met some problems when I use the AD5791 SDZ evaluation board:

             First,I have connected the AD5791 SDZ with the SDP-B controller board and provided a 3.4 V DC voltage to the evaluation board  as shown in the following figure1,then,I have…

  • AD5791 noise



    I am having trouble getting good performance out of the AD5791 using the Analog Devices eval board.  I populated the empty third of the board with an LTZ1000a voltage reference and theother components, and am controlling the DAC with a microcontroller…

  • AD5791 Noise?

    When operating the AD5791 in the Gain of Two Configuration see Page 26
    Datasheet, rev. C) when
    VREFP = 10V
    VREFN = 0V
    AD8676 and AD8675
    the measure noise is about 30 nV/Hz^0.5 at 1 kHz at Midscale (0V Out).
    This is much more than…
  • AD5791 linearity


    I have some problem and i need help.

    I can control AD5791 and DAC works correctly. If I set bit word on output i can see voltage, but if I measure linearity over all bit range i can see voltage difference. See on Tab1 in attachment.

    As reference…

  • AD5791 EVM


  • AD5791 IBIS Model Question


    I am trying to simulate the signal integrity of my AD5791 however the only ibis model is for 5V.

    I am operating at 3.3V. Do you think this model would be suitable or would the results not be representative?


  • AD5791 Sampling rate

    Hi, I want to generate a single 1MHz sine wave or a dual 1MHz+300kHz wave from FPGA and send to AD5791 for analogue output.

    1. Can the AD5791 generate signal up to 1MHz? 

    2. Is the 35 MHz SPI clock equivalent to the sampling rate?

    3. Is the 1 uS settling…

  • AD5791 Resistor Matching

    I am considering using the AD5791 in a Gain of Two configuration.  The data sheet says the matching between R1 and RFB is 0.01%. 

    What is the tempco of the ratio of these two resistors?