• Multiplying DAC with AD5781


    I would like to try a multiplying DAC with the AD5781.

    So, first of all, I would like to know the bandwidth of the built-in amplifier A1.
    And, I would like to know other characteristics if possible.

    Also, I thought about the AD5781 in the same way…

  • AD5781 - Precision Output Amplifier


    I'm currently designing a circuit that uses an ad5781.

    The aim is to drive a mosfet with an opamp using the ad5781. I am planning to use an ada4528 since it offers a very low offset and low drift.

    Do you think I will find a problem if I use…

  • What the difference: AD5780, AD5781

    We are currently selecting precision DAC chips, AD5760/80/90 (16/18/20 bits) are pin-compatible, while AD5781/91 (18/20 bits) is another line. Our product is aiming to support a A-16 bit, B-18 bit, C-20 bit versions, however, we prefer the ultimate performance…


    Dead engineer zone, 

    I am working on the AD5781 and I have some questions regarding the connection of the pins N°16 & 17 (VREFNF & VREFNS) 

    I need to use the DAC with a 0V to 5V range.

    Can I put these pins to GND (pic.1) or do I need to use an…

  • DAC芯片AD5781发热

    DAC芯片AD5781 芯片发热,参考加的正负5V;VDD为10V,VSS为-10V,电压测量都正确;

  • AD5781的输出问题


  • ad5781, +- 10v output options

    Seems I have two options to generate a +- 10 volts from the AD5781B 18 bit DAC.

    a) Feed +- 10 v ref into the ref inputs, and us the adc unity gain, preferably with the input bias current compensation

                 as per data sheet fig 52.


    b) feed VrefP with…

  • two's complement coding in AD5781

    How the two's complement code correspond to the binary offset code used in AD5781?

    I see the description on the datasheet:

    BIN/2sC DAC register coding select.

    0: (default) DAC register uses two's complement coding.

    1: DAC register uses offset…

  • Choices of amplifiers for AD5781/91

    I found that in CN0200 and CN0191, AD8676B and AD8675 are used for both force and sense pins and the output buffer of AD5781/AD5791. The specification of AD8676 is superior, though, the slew rate is limited. We are considering replacing the amplifier…

  • AD5781 hardware and software setup

    Dear Friends:

    I plan to use AD5781 for my project. I have three questions: 1) if I plan to set the LDAC permanently low, should I use a resistor between LDAC and GND? 2) if I do not plan to use CLR, can this pin be disconnected? 3) if I want the a predetermined…