• AD5781 glitch impulse


    A few questions about the glitch impulse and update of the DAC.

    In the datasheet (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD5781.pdf) in figure 43-45 the glitch impulses are shown when an RC low-pass filter is used. However…

  • AD5781 PSRR


    What is the PSRR for the VDD, VSS supply and for the reference inputs?

    I am mostly interested in how a DC/DC ripple will be shown on the DAC output.

    PSRR is given in datasheet but only for 50/60Hz, my DC/DC operate around 500k-1000k and here I am…

  • EVAL-AD5781 Schematic and Layout Error

    Hi, I am struggling to set bipolar output with EVAL-AD5781. 

    In the schematic it looks like there might be an error that is preventing negative output. Have checked and looks like schematic matches the layout. 

    Should VSS_DAC net be connected to VSS pin…

  • AD5781 NSD


    Please tell me how measure Output Noise Spectral Density for AD5781? What is test methodology? Thanks.

  • AD5781: Combining 2 DAC outputs


    We want to use the AD5781 in our application, here the One DAC will be with reference of 1V and other DAC with 2V.

    And we want to combine the two outputs by shorting the outputs to get 3V output.

    So is it correct to short the outputs of two AD5781…

  • Multiplying DAC with AD5781


    I would like to try a multiplying DAC with the AD5781.

    So, first of all, I would like to know the bandwidth of the built-in amplifier A1.
    And, I would like to know other characteristics if possible.

    Also, I thought about the AD5781 in the same way…

  • RE: How to control a AD5781 DAC to make it output 5V DC?

    Hello!  msamera

    The project *.zip file in the AD5781 Pmod Xilinx FPGA Reference Design wiki page disappeared,so  What can I do to download the file again



  • AD5781 THD

    The datasheet specifies Total Harmonic Distortion of 97dB typical (1KHz tone, 10KHz sample rate).

    I am having difficulty reproducing this on the Eval-AD5781.  What amplitude was the 1KHz tone?  Was this measurement collected from the Eval Board?  I am seeming…

  • AD5781 voltage reference and zero drift buffers

    Hello:I have two questions concerning AD5781.

    1) I would like to use the AD5781 with a VrefP = 4.096 Volt reference, which is outside its specs (minimal Vref = 5 V). The negative VreN will be GND. Can I do this?

    2) Can I use chopper-stabilized zero-drift…

  • What the difference: AD5780, AD5781

    We are currently selecting precision DAC chips, AD5760/80/90 (16/18/20 bits) are pin-compatible, while AD5781/91 (18/20 bits) is another line. Our product is aiming to support a A-16 bit, B-18 bit, C-20 bit versions, however, we prefer the ultimate performance…