• RE: How to Program AD 5781 DAC?

    Thank you, Ivan!

    I can use a microcontroller to control the AD5781, but I have both the EVAL-AD5781 and the SDP-B. Is there any way to control the AD5781 using these two boards in connection with a PC (as the SDP-B can micro-USB into the PC)?


  • AD5781 THD

    The datasheet specifies Total Harmonic Distortion of 97dB typical (1KHz tone, 10KHz sample rate).

    I am having difficulty reproducing this on the Eval-AD5781.  What amplitude was the 1KHz tone?  Was this measurement collected from the Eval Board?  I am seeming…

  • RE: What the difference: AD5780, AD5781

    and yet, AD5780/90 have inferior INL, DNL, settling time performances than AD5781/91, but are more expensive than AD5781/91? It is contradictory.

  • How to control a AD5781 DAC to make it output 5V DC?


       I have an AD5781 and a FPGA and need to control the AD5781 to output 5V DC. Could anyone provide me a Verilog code for reference?



  • RE: Help on AD5781

    Hi hyrsut,

    there are few examples in the ADI web for the AD5781 + FPGA.

    May worth to compare your code...




  • AD5781 - Precision Output Amplifier


    I'm currently designing a circuit that uses an ad5781.

    The aim is to drive a mosfet with an opamp using the ad5781. I am planning to use an ada4528 since it offers a very low offset and low drift.

    Do you think I will find a problem if I use…

  • RE: AD5781 Daisy Chain


    Yes, AD5781 does not anymore support daisy chain mode functionality. The only way to use multiple AD5781 is to use multiple CS lines from the master. Is there any chance you can use a 16-bit bipolar output DAC? May I know what will be the application…

  • RE: AD5680 not updating

    Hi Vstamps,

    We would recommend using the AD5781 as an alternative as this part that has a /RESET pin.

    The tiny package of the AD5680 has just 8 pins so there is no /RESET pin. The ease-of-use of the AD5680 is in contrast to the AD5781 which has all…

  • AD5781 input timing


    My customer asks me below about AD5781.

    Please let me know your advice.


    When can we input signal ( SCLK) to AD5781 after power on ?

    We would like to know if we need some wait time after power on.



  • Is the data written into the AD5781 will be read out from SDO in next SYNC PHASE?

    Is the data written into the AD5781 will be read out from SDO in next SYNC PHASE?