• EVAL-AD5781 Schematic and Layout Error

    Hi, I am struggling to set bipolar output with EVAL-AD5781. 

    In the schematic it looks like there might be an error that is preventing negative output. Have checked and looks like schematic matches the layout. 

    Should VSS_DAC net be connected to VSS pin…

  • AD5781 NSD


    Please tell me how measure Output Noise Spectral Density for AD5781? What is test methodology? Thanks.

  • AD5781 THD

    The datasheet specifies Total Harmonic Distortion of 97dB typical (1KHz tone, 10KHz sample rate).

    I am having difficulty reproducing this on the Eval-AD5781.  What amplitude was the 1KHz tone?  Was this measurement collected from the Eval Board?  I am seeming…

  • AD5781 Daisy Chain

    需要设计多路DAC,AD5781原来资料上有关于daisy chain的说明,新版datasheet上删掉了,请问AD5781还能以daisy chain的方式连接吗?

  • AD5781 input timing


    My customer asks me below about AD5781.

    Please let me know your advice.


    When can we input signal ( SCLK) to AD5781 after power on ?

    We would like to know if we need some wait time after power on.



  • AD5781 Daisy Chain


    I noticed that the Daisy Chain was deleted from the new revison datasheet. Dose it means AD5781 absolutely can't support dasychain mode?

    I need multichannel 18bit DAC with only 1 SPI port. For the strict timing requirement and system performance…

  • AD5781 Readback mode


    Please let me know about minimum SCLK cycle time of  AD5781 at readaback mode.

    Datasheet says below at table4 timing characteristics.

    t1 = 28 ns min : SCLK cycle time

    t1= 60 ns min: SCLK cycle time (readback mode)

    In attached  readback mode timing…


    Hello,i have some question about AD5781-eval board.I wrote SPI code about AD5781, and then downloaded it to the evaluation board through FPGA.I set the signal  'LDAC'  on the evaluation board to 0,'RESET'to'1',and 'CLR' to…

  • AD5781 - not working


    I'm using the AD5781 for the first time, programming is done by ATE (something like FPGA, but more flexible).

    I'm not getting any vout, it's set to 0 constantly.

    Below is my schematics, and the signals driven to the chip.


  • Help on AD5781


    I've to make working an AD5781 with a Spartan 6 FPGA. I'd like to control it using a simple VHDL driver and not a hudge SPI one but the dac doesn't work. I put a part of my vhdl driver as you can take a look and tell me what's wrong. Thanks in…