• AD5764 Read error


    We are using AD5764 DAC, which is on spi interface

    added the following dac device tree

    vdac: fixedregulator0 {
        compatible = "regulator-fixed";
        regulator-name = "vdac";
        regulator-min-microvolt = <5000000>;

  • cat: read error: Invalid argument AD5764 out_voltage0_scale read error


    we are using AD5764, we have enabled AD5764 driver in linux driver configuration. 

    we are able to write to out_voltage0_raw, out_voltage0_calibscale, out_voltage0_calibbias files.

    When tried to read out_voltage0_scale, following error was observed…

  • AD5764 NO Analog Output Voltage of DAC

    Hello ALL,

    I'm using AD5764,

    followed https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-drivers/iio-dac/ad5764 to enable the driver.

    I'm able to see the dac device after changing the device tree. Here is the log attached.


  • Questions about ISCC pin function of AD5764


    My customer asks some questions about using  ISCC pin of AD5764.

    They say that ISCC pin seems to control a Short-Circut Current which  controls a quantity of current to Vout pin at short status of circuit.

    So please check below questions and let…

  • Linux drivers quick start for AD5764-4

    Hello - I have p/n EVAL-AD5764REBZ which is a 4 channel DAC.  I would like to know the basic steps to build the driver located at:  https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-drivers/iio-dac/ad5764.  My goal is to be able to command the DAC us…

  • EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ drive the SPI ports on EVAL-AD5764-4


    I've an application to use the EVAL-AD5764-4 on Linux.  Since the usb interface on it only seems to work with Windows, Could one use the EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ usb to spi eval board to drive the SPI pins on the EVAL-AD5764-4?  



  • Regarding AD5764:How to feed bipolar digital data to it?

    This DAC is a bipolar output voltage DAC.The range being +/- 10 V .If the digital data is of 16 bbits .How to feed the input along with polarity? Is it like signed 16 bit data so that 1st bit indicates the polarity of the signal?

  • AD5764 with Microcontroller


    I am using AD5764 evaluation kit & working with evaluation software as well as STM32F407 discovery board. I have sent data from STM32 to J21 connector of AD5764 eveluation kit & woking fine.

    Now I have made a PCB with reference from evaluation…

  • Let us know new device with inbuilt MUX compatible to AD5764.

    We are going for new design .Let us know ADC device compatible to AD5764  with MUX inbuilt.