• ad5761R

    I just got the AD5761R, to do a better accuracy of the DAC output module, the simpler the better. Voltage range between 0-3.3V can be, and can control the output of RAMP and SIN waveforms, is there any reference design and development routines?

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  • AD5761R OUTPUT

    I am using the AD5761R chip, why does the software fully reset when there will be a signal output on the SDO? Then VOUT, there is no voltage output. The following image is a schematic of the chip design, where VCC1 is 3.3v.

    Here's my time series chart…

  • AD5761R驱动


  • AD5761R EXPOSEDPAD connection

    Please tell me the following:

    The connection of EXPOSEDPAD is not described in the data sheet.

    Can I connect to VSS?

    Or can it only be used open?

    (I USE AGND = 0V, VSS = -15V, but when connected to AGND、
    the circuit current has increased)

  • [AD5761R/AD5721R]Eval Schematic


    I would like to make clear about EVAL schematic of AD5761R/AD5721R.

    According to UG-751


    Page 7, pin#9 is connected to GND with CAP.

    But Datasheet…

  • EVAL-AD5761R: SPI Communication/Board Power


    We have a build that is going to be using the AD5761R DAC and the EVAL-ADICUP3029 board, our company decided to try and evaluate it using the EVAL-AD5761R board. We will be communicating with it over the SPI PMOD connector of the 3029 board connected…

  • AD5761R shorting the DGND and AGND


    I want to maintain single ground on the board for the chip AD5761R.

    So is it OK to have common ground connection, i.e. short the DGND and AGND together?

    Kindly let us know.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Nanjunda M