• AD5761/21/R FAQ

    Q1. What external devices does the part require to operate as spec’d in the datasheet?

    A1. The AD5761R/AD5721R are 16-/12-bit Voltage output DAC which integrate a 2.5V 2ppm/˚C typical internal reference as well as reference and output buffers. The…

  • AD5761 not working

    Hi.  I am trying  to get 0 to 10V out of AD5761. I have Vdd= 12V; Vref = 2.5V and DVcc = 5V with Alert!, Clear! and Reset! all left floating. I have the following arduino code that's supposed to program the chip, but for some reason it is not working.…

  • How to turn off output of AD5761?

    How to turn off output of ADD5761?

  • Lower limit of AD5761 spi communication frequency

    I read from the data sheet of AD5761, the spi communication frequency can be up to 50 MHz. My question is what is the lower limit of AD5761 spi communication frequency. Thanks.



    Which pin is internally connected to AD5761/AD5721 LFCSP EXPOSED PAD? Can I connect the exposed pin directly to AGND/DGND pins in BI-POLAR output configuration or just in UNI-POLAR output?  

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  • AD5761 Output Problem


    I'm trying to get 0-10V output with AD5761. But I couldn't obtain any voltage at the output. My schematic is in the attachement.

    SPI MSB first and clock idles low. 

    SPI steps:

    1. Software Full RESET  h&0F0000 (b&000001110000000000000000)…

  • STM32 connect AD5761 but output 0V?

    Dear sir:

     Ad5761 used external 2.5V reference voltage, dual channel power supply is 0V and 5V respectively,

    chip power supply is 5V, and it is directly connected with STM32f103c8t6 using 3.3V power supply by SPI.

    Is there any problem with the schematic…

  • RE: Regarding AD5761 DAC


    I also use this ad5761R,and i can readback the register correctly,but the Vref=0.75,not  the 2.5V, i think the schematic is not correct,can you share your schematic ?

    thanky you very much!