• about serial interface of AD5760


    I have a question about serial interface of AD5760.


    Pls refer to the Figure2.

    The datasheet describes,P.21
    " If more than 24 falling SCLK edges…

  • RE: 芯片选择


  • RE: Ultrasonic PCB cleaning for ADI products

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Regarding specifc product i would mention opamps, ADCs and DACs.

    For example AD779x, AD7190, AD5680, AD5760 etc.

    MEMS devices will not be used at all.

    However on same PCBs xtals and quartz oscillators will be used and xtal…

  • RE: Analog Band Pass Tunable Filters (ADMV8420,ADMV8416,HMC892A,HMC891A)

    HI, The AD5760 voltage is only ±10V. While the HMC voltage control is from 0 to 14V. Did you use the OP amp to adjust the voltage output?

  • RE: Precision DAC sample rate

    Hello ,

    Thank you for your detailed explanation. 

    As we require simultaneous 4 to 8 channels and the suggested combinations ( AD5760+ADA4898 and AD5791+ad845) both are single DAC as well the DAC resolution is very high(20 bit, 16 bit) .

    Though it has a…

  • What the difference: AD5780, AD5781

    We are currently selecting precision DAC chips, AD5760/80/90 (16/18/20 bits) are pin-compatible, while AD5781/91 (18/20 bits) is another line. Our product is aiming to support a A-16 bit, B-18 bit, C-20 bit versions, however, we prefer the ultimate performance…

  • AD5760B Vrefp and Internal Amp


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer is designing the schematic using AD5760 and gives us questions as follows.

    1. The min value of Vrefp is 5V. The voltage reference's min value of Vout is 4.99875V. In this case, how much will the DAC affect…

  • RMS Current Control Based on LTC1968

    Dear Team,


    I want to make current control via MOSFET based on LTC1968. The load will be full wave rectified sinusoidal ( not filtered ) and frequency will be max 400hz.

    My design is in the attachement.

    1. I have used U1-LTC1968 and U2-LT1782 for RMS to…
  • RE: ltc2641 die -

    We did not characterize or test to the higher/lower temperature because we did not see a market need. Because we haven’t looked at it we can’t comment on the performance at that temperature. Why not use this part which has 125degC operation? Doubt we…

  • RE: AD5781 Vout update after RESET

    Hi Mark

    Thank you very much for you support !

    I would wait for 100uSec, considering a variation and temperature changing.

    Even AD5780,AD5781,AD5790,AD5791,AD5760,AD5762R,needs this waiting time, right?