• AD5760

    我们课题组选用贵公司 的AD5760的 评估板EVAL-SDP-CB1Z,在连线中,J3IOVCC按原理图和VCC接电源(3.3v),实际中是我们测试IOVCC和地连接的,不知道对不对,以前也在技术论坛里面发表说是不是印丝层标记错了,与原理图不符合。另外评估板的J1VCC3.3也不用外接电源都可以正常工作,求指导

  • AD5760 Supply Range

    The AD5760 datasheet indicates that Vdd can be as high as 30.5V with Vss being -2.5V. This falls within the listed absolute maximum ratings, however the pin descriptions and other product literature indicate that Vdd and Vss are +/- 16.5V. Would the device…

  • AD5760评估板

    2015年7月买了一个AD5760评估板和和SDP-B 控制扳,结果发现按照评估板的资料有几个疑惑


  • AD5760 Glitch Impulse

    Please teach me AD5760.


    Data sheet P3 / OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS/ Midscale Glitch Impulse.
    Please let the confirmation for the Midscale Glitch Impulse.
    'Midscale Glitch Impulse' Does it mean a change in the '10 -BITR-2RLADDER 'of' Figure 49. DAC Ladder…

  • AD5760 Setup Issue


    We are trying to get an output from the AD5760 Evaluation board which is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 through SPI communication. I have connected the SYNC, SDIN, SDO, and SCLK pins on the board to the Pi. The Vcc is connected to 5 V on the Pi…

  • An issue about AD5760

    Dear  Sir/Madam,


    I am using AD5760 EVB, and I found that IOVCC is connnected with GND on the EVB, i wonder it is an silk mistake or some schematic mistake, could you please clarify it.


  • about serial interface of AD5760


    I have a question about serial interface of AD5760.


    Pls refer to the Figure2.

    The datasheet describes,P.21
    " If more than 24 falling SCLK edges…

  • Questions on SPI of AD5760

    Hi all

    This is my first time to build a four-layer board with a such high-precision DAC. I made the system and it does not work. I do not know what is wrong.

    Could you please kindly help me to check the SPI?

    Attached files are the timing diagram captured…

  • AD5760评估板丝印层错误


         最近从官方购买了AD5760的评估板,在使用的过程中发现丝印层中iovcc实际上是地,接错多次 ,使用stm32驱动一直没有成功不懂硬件是否已经坏了。我看电路图,reset引脚是有上拉的,但是电压只有2.多。其他引脚入clr则有正常的3.3.(我用的电源电压是3.3)

    图片为从官方文档里面的结果 ,实物跟文档一样 iovcc 实际上是地

  • Controlling EVAL-AD5760 board using a linux PC


      I would like to be able to control the voltage being put out by the DAC on an Analog Devices EVAL-AD5760_80_90SDZ board.  I have the EVAL-AD5760_80_90SDZ connected to an EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board, which in turn is connected to my linux PC via USB.  I have…