Hi Team,

    We are working on AD5758 in one of our project below are the issues we are facing.

    (Note: for references we are attaching the schematic-R369 is Shorted and we are using external VREF Voltage, C192,C118,C392 are DNP)

    1. we checked the proper voltages…

  • About the CRC function in AD5758


    I have a question about AD5758.
    Does CRC work in all registers?

    Because there was a product which CRC did not work only to a specific register in another company's product.
    As a result, other company's products did not work properly during noise…

  • AD5758, I get no VI_Out

    Hello, I'm a newbie and I use the EVAL-AD5758SDZ Board.

    I maybe only have a simple problem.

    I have connected:

    AVDD1 = 15 V+

    GND = AVSS

    and i just want to have the 10V or 5V or 20mA at the VI_Out (I set the settings on the "Example Sequences"). My…

  • DACs with both current and voltage outputs. Would ADI have a part to compete with DAC8775 from TI??

    I'm looking to displace DAC8775 from TI. 

    This device has both current and voltage outputs, in a quad.

    All I am able to dig up is AD766 and AD5758, both are single output types.

  • RE: About voltage supply to Vlogic pin of AD5758

    Hi knj,

    Good catch. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Yes, the VLogic (digital supply for the AD5758 and the ADP1031 through SVDD1&2) should be connected to VLDO in this case. The SGPO1 is a digital output and cannot supply for the VLogic. 

    Figure 78 will…

  • AD5758 have no negative voltage output


    AD5758 is an new released chip, and now, I use this chip on my board to generate +/-10V voltage.

    The circuit as follow:

    I got some issue with this chip, could you helps to take a look this.


    for the Vsense+ pin,

    in page 16 of datasheet, "if remove…

  • 向工业 4.0 过渡的领域出发,ADI 这些技术助你一臂之力!

    更高水平的生产力和灵活性、更高的效率、更高的质量和更低的成本,这些就是全世界的对工业 4.0 的期待。


    你可能不知道,ADI 也在帮助设备制造商率先迎接工业 4.0,用信号链专业知识、优化的解决方案和密切的开发协作补充设备制造商的独特能力,探索更快实现工业 4.0 的途径。

    先来一张图,了解下ADI是如何帮助客户向工业 4.0 过渡的领域迸发滴!


    上图中显示了ADI 为实现工业4.0可提供的五个方面…

  • Functional Safety for Power

    Back in 2016 Analog Devices announced they were acquiring Linear technology - the result, an enormous power portfolio. Some of these circuits can carry more than 100 amps to servers used in data centers, others include galvanic isolation and others concentrate…

  • 错过了新品发布?来看看2018上半年新品汇总吧




    业界带宽最宽的RF收发器 ADRV9009


    该器件可在75 MHz至6 GHz的范围内调谐,支持2G/3G/4G/5G服务,提供两倍于前代器件的带宽…