We are using AD5758 Eval board and we are trying to read back the registers by two stage read back method. Here we try to read back the registers using ACE software of Analog devices. As per datasheet of AD5758 the register address of status register…

  • About the output when the AD5758 is initialized


    If the settings are made according to the procedure on P51 of the AD5758 data sheet and the output is enabled in step 10, the waveform shown in the attachment is generated even though the output is set to 0mA.
    Measured at both ends of a 250Ω resistor…

  • Questions about software reset of AD5758

    I have a question about the operation of the FAULT terminal when the software of AD5758 is reset.
    After turning on the power, writing 0x15 to register 0x08 turned the FAULT pin to Low.
    After that, when 0xAF51 was continuously written to 0x08, the FAULT…

  • AD5758使用问题

    在使用AD5758时,按照收据手册中  PROGRAMMING SEQUENCE TO ENABLE THE OUTPUT  描述的步骤来配置AD5758;


    0010: ±5 V voltage range. 输出时,则输出-4.9V的固定电压,如果配置成 1100: ±24 mA current range 电流输出时,则输出固定23.9ma的电流。

    我操作DAC Input…

  • About the VIOUT_PULLDOWN_EN function of AD5758


    Data sheet P59 of AD5758 has a description about VIOUT_PULLDOWN_EN.

    When should this function be used?

    Best Regards,

  • disable CRC AD5758

    How to disable CRC for SPI in AD5758 ?

    The register available to disable CRC (register 0x10, DIGITAL_DIAG_CONFIG, bit 0 SPI_CRC_EN) requires a CRC to use it.

  • RE: Is it possible get 0-2mA from AD5758 using external circuit .

    Hi Sayaka,

    The easiest thing to do would be to use the gain feature in the DAC. Register 0x04 USER_GAIN allows the user to scale the output. For your case of 0 to 2 mA, if you selected the 0 to 20 mA range then the gain would be 2/20 * 65535 = 65535…

  • RE: Readback in AD5758


    You need to disable the SPI CRC setting (Bit 0 in register 0x10) before the part will accept 24 bit frames (This must be done with a CRC as the part will only accept 32 bit frames until this bit is disabled). See post https://ez.analog.com/data_converters…

  • AD5758 ADC Measurement of Loop Current

    Hey there, i'd like to use AD5758 especially the current output. Is it possible to use the internal ADC to meausre the current loop? Maybe i need a external measurement Resistor! Do you have any suggestion/Recomandations?!

    Cheers, Maik

  • AD5758 can't read or use it


    I am currently trying to test my first circuit base on the AD5758. I am currently an electronics designer trainee. I have written my code base on the example found in the woboq website (a linux base code). I can see with my oscilloscope the Logic…