• AD5757在使用中的功耗大问题?


  • What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1

    What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1?

  • 这样使用AD5757和AD5754的用法是否正确

    如图我不知道这样使用AD5754和AD5757是否能够使得这2个芯片能够正常的工作,我的要求就是 这2个芯片完成4路电压输出和4路电流输出,希望能够得到高手的帮忙

  • 这样使用AD5757和AD5754的用法是否正确


  • RE: AD5737是否有替代产品

    可以使用AD5757 或者 AD5755

  • RE: AD5755 with external MOS transistor

    Hi Harvey,

    Thanks for your feedback. The transistor should be a PMOS.

    The AD5757 board had used a NTLJS4149PTAG but this is now obsolete. We plan to use the FDMA530Z in future boards instead.

    Kind Regards,


  • RE: Can the AD5735 be used in single supply configuration?

    Hi Lionel,

    Both the AD5755 and AD5735 have the -Vsense Buffer, no issues here but my response earlier covers both these products. A bipolar supply is required at all times.

    The AD5755-1 replaces it with CHART for HART functionality.

    The AD5757 and…

  • RE: As for your HART DAC AD5410

    Hi Kaos,

    Happy to help.

    I meant to add that the customer should look at the:

    AD5755-1 16-Bit current and voltage output DAC

    AD5757    16-Bit current only output DAC

    AD5737    12-Bit current only output DAC

    These products have a dedicated HART pin to…

  • RE: How to convert MEMS output to 4mA to 20mA?

    Maybe try looking at 4-20mA Drivers?  Searching the product pages for these parts, I see evaluation boards available for the AD5750 and AD5420.

    We also have current output DACs that could be used for generating 4-20mA.  Just open the selection table for…

  • Using the AD5755 family in Applications Without Dynamic Power Control

    For applications that do not require Dynamic Power Control it is possible to set up the AD5755 family of products without the use of the DC-to-DC converter. This reduces the number of external components required and is useful for low power applications…