• AD5757 & AD5755


    1- I do not want to use Dynamic Power Control in AD5757 and AD5755. Can I connect my 12 volt to Vboost or only min voltage is 15 volt.

    2- In AD5755 can I do not connect AVss to -volt And the Vout_x is only 0-5 or 0-10 volt.



  • AD5757 SPI waveform is strange


    In my designing, we use FPGA to drive AD5757 chip with SPI port.

    FPGA -> ADUM1401 -> AD5757, an sample connection, SPI line have no any pull up or down resistor.

    FPGA can communication correctly with AD5757, but when test the SPI waveform on…

  • AD5757 DAC hardware and software reset


    Could you helps to check whether hardware reset and software has the same result for AD5757 chip.

    What is the different of them.

    In my testing, bot hardware and software reset can work well.

    Also, in datasheet, it say that " when power up, make a…

  • Ad5757 from eval board doesn't answer



    I have evaluation board with AD5757 for two days. I would like to check that communication is working properly, so I want to read data from register without success. The second option is to turn on alarm led on the board by watchdog because…

  • AD5757使用的几个问题




    问题1.0 AD5757PIN 24,34,46,56的Vboostx可以不使用内置升压(添加外部电感,二极管之类的奇迹)?直接用外部供电+24V供电,那么VboostA,B,C,D直接可以通过磁珠引过来24V吧,且AVDD=VBOOSTx=+24V?这个芯片功耗如何计算(24V…

  • AD5757 Digital Offset and Gain Control

    In the Data sheet:

    Can be seen from the formula, the gain can only be reduced if the to increase the gain should we do? Example: write 20mA full-scale output, the measured value is 19.94mA, then how to calibration the offset and gain registers, making…

  • ad5757电流输出问题


  • 10% less than the programmed value AD5757 output current

    Use the AD5757 sample two.Circuit in accordance with the "UG-244.pdf" in the manufacture of circuit PCB. All register reads and writes are correct. Select the OUTEN bit to enabled,Output current measurement results only programmed current value of the…

  • 关于AD5757和AD5754的用法

    关于AD5757和AD5754的用法 by pontrin@gmail.com



  • 关于AD5757和AD5754的用法