• 10% less than the programmed value AD5757 output current

    Use the AD5757 sample two.Circuit in accordance with the "UG-244.pdf" in the manufacture of circuit PCB. All register reads and writes are correct. Select the OUTEN bit to enabled,Output current measurement results only programmed current value of the…

  • RE: AD5757 SPI waveform is strange

    Blue line: CS

    Purple line: CLK

    Green line: DIN of AD5757

    Yellow line: Dout of AD5757

  • What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1

    What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1?

  • RE: AD5737是否有替代产品

    可以使用AD5757 或者 AD5755

  • AD5757 & AD5755


    1- I do not want to use Dynamic Power Control in AD5757 and AD5755. Can I connect my 12 volt to Vboost or only min voltage is 15 volt.

    2- In AD5755 can I do not connect AVss to -volt And the Vout_x is only 0-5 or 0-10 volt.



  • RE: Ad5757 from eval board doesn't answer

    Hi msamera,

    SDO from AD5757 (J11) is connected to MISO pin on master board.

  • RE: AD5757在使用中的功耗大问题?

    "输出端开路时二次电流大" 表示什么意思呢,最好贴一下电路, AD5757的输出电流为4-20mA

    AD5757 内部有动态电源,可以根据负载调整输出电压,进而调整功耗

  • RE: 这样使用AD5757和AD5754的用法是否正确



  • RE: AD5755 with external MOS transistor

    Hi Harvey,

    Thanks for your feedback. The transistor should be a PMOS.

    The AD5757 board had used a NTLJS4149PTAG but this is now obsolete. We plan to use the FDMA530Z in future boards instead.

    Kind Regards,


  • RE: 这样使用AD5757和AD5754的用法是否正确