• AD5755-1的FPGA驱动链接失效


  • Is there Labview source for AD5755-1 and SDP-B?

    Hi, recently i got AD5755-1 and SDP-B to supply voltage.

    And i received software called AD575X Evaluation Software with these device.

    I am making LabView Vi to control my setup including the DAC.

    So control program for DAC should be contained in my…

  • Dual AD5755-1 SPI communication issues


    We are facing an issue in communicating with two AD5755-1s that are on our prototype board.

    The board has two AD5755-1 and one AD4112 on the same SPI bus. All chips have separate SYNC pins. For the first AD5755-1 (SYNC1 on pin 25 on our MCU) we…

  • AD5755 / AD5755-1 DAC Channel A Zero-Scale Update


    The AD5755-1 datasheet (Rev. F) says: "It is not recommended to tie both AD1 and AD0 low when using PEC, see the Packet Error Checking section."

    And also (in the PEC section): "It is not recommended to tie both AD1 and AD0 low because…

  • 关于AD5755-1地址的一个疑问

    我目前的方案中用到两片AD5755-1,现在在设计电路时我关于器件的地址有个疑问,AD0和AD1手册中说是器件的地址,但是SPI接口器件不是有片选引脚(SYNC)吗?  请问两片AD5755-1能否共用SYNC这个引脚?

  • 关于AD5755-1电流输出有问题


  • AD5755-1 PCN 21_0061


    A question regarding new AD5755-1 PCN 21_0061.

    Can the timing specification change of parameter T6 be ignored if PEC is not used? This would be a useful and important information for all the active projects currently utilizing the AD5755-1 and…

  • AD5755-1 QJC parameter ?

    Can  provide the QJC parameter of AD5755-1?
  • ABOUT AD5755-1 Calibration


    The AD5755-1 datasheet says:" The correct method to calibrate the gain/offset is to first calibrate out the gain and then calibrate the offset.".what's that meaning?I think it shoud calibrat offset first at zero. And I expecd get detail method…

  • AD5755-1 Analog Supply Current


    about the +15V, -15V power supply design for the AD5755-1 AVDD and AVSS supply pins, especially the required power supply current capability.

    Could someone please check/confirm my understanding:

    The AVDD supply current (AIDD) is not really affected…