• AD5755 & AD5755-1 architecture


    Is there any difference between AD5755 & AD5755-1 architecture? In the datasheet of AD5755-1, accuracy specification for voltage output is provided for both unipolar & bipolar power supply. But the same is not available in datasheet of AD5755 (only…

  • AD5755-1 Not Responding


    We have purchased AD5755-1 Eval board and able to generate DAC voltages in the Eval board which we bought. Later we made our own custom board for AD5755-1, along with other peripherals. The custom board were not able to give DAC voltages, later when…

  • What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1

    What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1?

  • AD5755-1 REFIN Current Consumption


    What is the max current consumption of the AD5755-1' REFIN at 5V? I reviewed the datasheet but I couldn't find. 

    I want to supply multiple (2 or 4) AD5755-1 via one reference.

    Best regard,

  • AD5755-1 SPI communication problem


    I am trying to run AD5755-1 evaluation board using SPI communication via on-board J11 pin. 

    I have a board supports SPI communication.

    The board has SPI header (please check the attached image) but I don't know how to correctly connect SPI header…

  • AD5755-1的stm32驱动


  • AD5755-1 Iout accuracy issue

    Dear Specialists,

             We are using AD5755-1 and now meet Iout accuracy issue. We design to get 4-20mA Iout.

    Based on the datasheet, the Maximum Iout error should be 0.05%.We follow the reference design and use external Rset for better accuracy.


  • Mistake Soldering AD5755-1 to AD5755 board

    I did make a mistake, soldering AD5755-1 to AD5755 board. Will it work ? On this board i have connected all CHART pins do AGND. I cant stand and i tried. After 1min AD5755-1  was very hot. I turned off AVdd.  resistance between AVDD and AGND is something…

  • 最近在做AD5755-1的FPGA驱动


  • AD5755-1电流输出问题

    在使用AD5755-1 配置成电流输出后,实际的输出电流通道1,4 通道比较接近实际值,而2,3 通道总是与实际值相差二百多微安, 请问这种情况正常么?@