• AD5755 & AD5755-1 architecture


    Is there any difference between AD5755 & AD5755-1 architecture? In the datasheet of AD5755-1, accuracy specification for voltage output is provided for both unipolar & bipolar power supply. But the same is not available in datasheet of AD5755 (only…

  • RE: What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1

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  • AD5755-1 QJC parameter ?

    Can  provide the QJC parameter of AD5755-1?
  • RE: Mistake Soldering AD5755-1 to AD5755 board


    The CHART pin takes an AC coupled input and is summed to the DAC input.  See Figure 2 of the AD5755-1 datasheet.  CHART should not be tied to 0V.  If CHART is tied to gnd, Iout will not work and the part may get hot as a result. 



  • Configuring problem in AD5755-1

    I have followed the sequence mentioned in flowchart given in datasheet to configure AD5755-1.  I have configured control register and trying to read back same register but, I did not get any data on SOUT. Please send us the initializing sequence for the…

  • ABOUT AD5755-1 Calibration


    The AD5755-1 datasheet says:" The correct method to calibrate the gain/offset is to first calibrate out the gain and then calibrate the offset.".what's that meaning?I think it shoud calibrat offset first at zero. And I expecd get detail method…

  • AD5755-1 vout and iout

    Hello all.

    I am currently working with AD5755-1 and i would like to ask if it is possible to tie Vout and Iout.

    This way i would not need jumpers to sell voltage output or current.


    thanks in advance.

  • AD5755-1 gain register


        From the datasheet the maximum value for gain register is 0xFFFF (2^16-1). According to the equation on page 41

        Code = D * (M + 1) / 2^16

        So for 0xFFFF the code value is D (2^16-1+1)/2^16

    So any number other than 0xFFFF will make the adjusted…

  • RE: AD5755-1 : change its output voltage/current value doesn't work

    Hi Dragos,

    I used my MCU board, which is equipped with a TI MSP430 MCU,  to control the AD5755-1. I have implemented the SPI communication layer followed ADI's example driver.  I think that the SPI communication layer of my code seems correct because…

  • What is the load capacity of the ad5755-1?

    I want to make ad5755-1 as a charger, 4 channels of Iout output 4~20mA at the same time, and each channel load is 500Ω to 1KΩ. Can the ad5755-1 provide such load capacity? What aspects of the design need attention?Thanks