• AD5755 & AD5755-1 architecture


    Is there any difference between AD5755 & AD5755-1 architecture? In the datasheet of AD5755-1, accuracy specification for voltage output is provided for both unipolar & bipolar power supply. But the same is not available in datasheet of AD5755 (only…

  • AD5755: Thermal resistance value of AD5755

    What is the value of thermal resistance theta JC(Junction-to-Case).
    Theta JA(Junction-to-Ambient) is shown at the data sheet. But theta JC is not


    For the 64 LFCSP 9x9x0.85mm package, I see a number of ~0.2°C/W for Psi Jt.
    This is…

  • Mistake Soldering AD5755-1 to AD5755 board

    I did make a mistake, soldering AD5755-1 to AD5755 board. Will it work ? On this board i have connected all CHART pins do AGND. I cant stand and i tried. After 1min AD5755-1  was very hot. I turned off AVdd.  resistance between AVDD and AGND is something…

  • AD5755 / AD5755-1 DAC Channel A Zero-Scale Update


    The AD5755-1 datasheet (Rev. F) says: "It is not recommended to tie both AD1 and AD0 low when using PEC, see the Packet Error Checking section."

    And also (in the PEC section): "It is not recommended to tie both AD1 and AD0 low because…

  • What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1

    What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1?

  • Using AD5755-1ACPZ without AVCC supply


    Is it possible to use AD5755-1ACPZ without AVCC supply? We only need voltage output in our application. Current output is not  required. In the detailed functional block diagram (figure 2 in datasheet), it is shown that voltage outputs are not powered…

  • AD5755-1 external Rset PCB design

    Thanks for answering my question.

    I have a doubt about EVAL-AD5755-1 external Rset PCB design.

    Why did ADI open the solder mask on both sides of R1\R2\R3\R4, and add solder to the trace?

    Thank you!

  • RE: AD5755 readback

    Hi Antoine, 

    Is it normal too that the AD5755 chip is getting very hot when it get powered ?

    This is not a normal response from the device. I was testing the eval board just a while back and it doesn't heat up. 

    By the way, are you…

  • RE: AD5755-1 DAC multi channel iio device driver testing

    I just completed my test and the output seems to work with linux.
    I will write what I have done maybe it will help you solve the problem:
    I'am using an RPI4 and an EVAL-AD5755-1 .

    1. Burn Kuiper Linux on an sd-card
    2. I compiled the overlay  

  • AD5755


    I am using two AD5755 devices interfaced to a controller in my project.

    However the functions of the pins AD0( Pin no.5) and AD1(pin no. 6) is not clear to me from the datasheets.

    Are they input or output pins.

    Also, I donot find the Chip Select…