• size of board EVAL-AD5754R


    I am going to use eval board EVAL-AD5754R for testing our device. In the user guide of EVAL-AD5754R don't size of eval board. Where can I get size of board EVAL-AD5754R?


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  • Issue about USB connection of AD5754R Eval.board


    My customer is considering to use AD5754R, and they purchased AD5754R Eval. board.

    During the test with AD5754R EVM, they have a problem like below picture.

    (Whenever they operate AD5754R.exe in evaluation SW package in ADI web. site, they got…

  • RE: AD5754R EVAL and SPI with LabVIEW


    You may use the AD5754R data sheet in conjunction with the user guide for the EVAL-AD5754R. The registers are discussed on pages 26-29 of the RevE data sheet.

    For the hardware part, you can use the connector J8 for programming the evaluation board…

  • EVAL - AD5754R Design files

    On Analog devices website there are no design files of EVAL - AD5754R. Where can I find EVM's Schematic?


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  • RE: How do I set up a AD5754R DAC eval board with an Arduino?


    You may use Figure 50 as a guide on to how to connect the AD5754R DAC to your Arduino.

    The evaluation board has a 10-pin header that will serve as your connector to the part's digital pins. You may also check this link to see how the J8 connector…

  • RE: AD5745R 10.8 V ranges gain error specification

    Hi Rehfi,

    Are you referring to the AD5754R? If so, the gain error for the 10.8 V output range is not specified in the data sheet.



  • RE: EVAL-AD5754R 2sComplement

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  • RE: AD5754R output glitches


    any news?



  • RE: Noise on AD5754R output


    Looking at the noise, it could be a 60Hz noise from the power outlet. Would you be able to take longer scope shots just to see if the noise has 60Hz frequency?

    Also, could you take a look at your ground connections as there may be unwanted ground…