• AD5752r  出现大电流

    给AD5752r提供正负15v  AVDD时 会出现  300MA的大电流。(板子调试时会出现这个,单独给AD5752r芯片做实验时也会出现这个)

  • Unable to operate AD5752R in 0-10V range

    I am using AD5752R in 0-10V operation. But its getting configured only to 0-5V range. Wat may be the reason?

  • May I use AD5754R and AD5752R for Daisy-Chain function of 6 channel DAC output?

    Dear Sir:

                         May I use AD5754R and AD5752R for Daisy-Chain function of 6 channel DAC output? BTW, In daisy-chain mode, May I has been pull low for LDAC pin?


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  • AD5752R双极性输出电压不对的问题



  • RE: DAC5762R - AVss

    Hi MASK-J,

    Are you referring to the AD5762R? If so, ADI cannot guarantee that the part will be functional if the AVSS supply requirement is not met. If you wish to work with a DAC that have a single supply operation, you may want to take a look at this…

  • AD5722R SDO Question

    If SYNC pin is high Is the SDO pin of the AD5722R tri stated ?

    Can several AD5722R devices share one common SDO line on the data bus and just be selected by the SYNC input?

    Or will each of them need its own SDO line or be daisy chained?

  • AD5754 - Initial write is ignored ?

    My initial write on the AD5754 is ignored ?

  • AD5752 Power Up Time

    In the AD5752 datasheet a power up time of 10uS is required before writing to the DAC - what happens if I write to the DAC before this?

  • Resolving to 16 Bits Using a Precision DAC

    I’m using a 16-bit DAC in an industrial control application and I’m having a hard time resolving the LSB.  I know I need to reduce the noise floor – what areas of the application should I address that will have the most impact on the DAC output?". …