• AD5752 SPORT usage


    I'm wondering if it's possible to hook the AD5752 via SPORT to the BF592 as described in the Datasheet of the AD5663:

    (Blackfin- Master, AD5752 Slave)

    BF53x                      AD5663

    TFSO ------------------/sync



  • RE: AD5752 SPI Issue

    Hi Javi,

    I believe that the AD5752 does not send any data on the SDO pin when SYNC pin is held high. The device will hold the default value for that pin, in this case, the SDO will be always low if there is no valid communication to the part.


  • Power-Up Sequence of AD5752


    I have a question on the power-up sequence of AD5752.

    Acccording to data sheet(AD5752), Powering the DVcc pin before applying any voltage to the AVdd and AVss pins is important.

    But there is no delay specification(minimum) between DVcc and AVxx…

  • AD5752 not working

    I'm trying to set AD5752RBREZ (I use internal DAC reference) with Atmega16, but it is not working. It gives no output voltage. Between every step I have a delay. I would like to use bipolar output DAC A with range +-10,8V. Analog power supply is 15V…

  • AD5752 Power Up Time

    In the AD5752 datasheet a power up time of 10uS is required before writing to the DAC - what happens if I write to the DAC before this?

  • Generating unipolar and bipolr voltages from AD5752

    The AD5752 consists of two DACs internally.
    Can I use one DAC to generate unipolar voltage and another DAC for bipolar voltage simultaneously?
    I am supplying DAC with dual supply.
  • AD5752 Variable Frequency

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Working with AD5752 DAC to generate a Variable frequency and variable voltage output.

    My code can take 3 parameters 

    1) Voltage (typically 10mv to 5V)

    2) frequency (10 miliHertz to 5 Hz )

    3) number of bit (Maximum 16)

    My code is able…

  • RE: AD5752 ground definition

    Thanks. This is clear how to wire the DAC.


  • RE: two's complement coding in AD5781


    Two's complement is identical to offset binary with the most-significant-bit (MSB) complemented (inverted). Please see below for an example from the Data Conversion Handbook Chapter 2, and from the AD5752 Rev F. data sheet.



  • Programming ad5752 in 2s comp mode

    Hi can someone please help me in configuring the DAC in in software? I am new in this field. I would like so set the output range to +-5v. I am not sure how it can be configured and initialized with that output range in my program. A basic C or C++ sampale…