• Difficulty in Reedback operation in AD5751

    We are facing problem in readback of Status register of AD5751.


    As per datasheet, reedback of status register data must be clocked out on 5th rising edge of SCLK , but for control register write sequence required data to be clocked on falling edge.

  • Regarding AD5751 for 4-20mA current

    requirement is 4-20mA output through software mode (through SPI),

    Even after done all the setting, not getting the result.

    please let me know about the CLEAR pin & CLEARSEL pin in details. How to configure them.

    As i set both the bits in control register…

  • AD5412: Connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins directly together

    Is it possible to connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins together, as
    is possible with the AD5755?


    The AD5422's Iout and Vout can be connected together but to prevent additional
    errors in Iout mode there are some pre-requisites…

  • RE: Shall i Feed 0-2.5V AC signal to AD5750-1 at Vsense+ and Vsense- ?

    Hi ,

    I just remembered that you can also check AD5751 if you only require unipolar output ranges. The specification table is also specified using unipolar supplies.



  • RE: 类似AD5750,只需电压输出

    AD5751也是 电压输入, 4-20mA输出的变送器


    如果是模拟信号,还可以看一下AD693 AD694

  • RE: 选一款0-5V直流电压转4-20mA直流电流的芯片

    没有0-5V转换为4-20mA且带隔离的芯片,如果不考虑隔离,可以考虑AD694  AD5750 AD5751

  • RE: 我想做4~20ma电流输出有没有什么好的芯片





  • RE: Photodiode amplifier driving twisted pair to ADC

    for V to I conversion

    AD5751 is a newer device to convert voltage to current outputs

    Industrial Current/Voltage Output Driver with Programmable Ranges


  • External Rset Iout specifications

    What do the "ACCURACY (EXTERNAL RSET)" specifications mean for the current outputs of the AD5420, AD5421, AD5750 or AD5755?

  • Effect of reference on DAC output

    What is the effect of my reference's variation on the output of my AD5421?