• AD5750 支持单电源供电吗?

    AD5750 支持12V单电源供电吗?

  • RE: Current Sinking DAC

    Regarding your question – You can certainly operate the AD5398 at a reduced current settling but unfortunately you will no longer be able to get 10 bits of resolution. It might be worth considering the AD5750 ?  This ADI IC is a current/voltage output…

  • AD5750_地引脚连接




  • Questions about chip AD5750-2BCPZ

    I am working for FPGA project using chip AD5750-2BCPZ recently,and face with some trouble:

    (1)According to the data sheet,pins( VSENSE+ and VSENSE- ) are used to protect the device, will they protect the load or just protect the chip AD5750-2BCPZ?


  • External Rset Iout specifications

    What do the "ACCURACY (EXTERNAL RSET)" specifications mean for the current outputs of the AD5420, AD5421, AD5750 or AD5755?

  • RE: AD5750 Vsense+ and Vsense-

    Hi Mikkie,

    The +Vsense and -Vsense Pins are used for remote sensing of the load to predict and to compensate for any drops in voltage.

    If this feature is required connect the +Vsense pin to the positive side of the load and -Vsense pin to the negative…

  • AD5750 hardware mode OUTEN

    What are the OUTEN pin's levels in hardware mode, which indicate when it's
    enabled or disabled.


    In hardware mode, the OUTEN is enabled when the pin is high ('1') and disabled
    when OUTEN is low ('0'). Usually…
  • RE: looking for current DAC


    So the max output of the AD5410 product is 24mA.  The AD5410 is not a programmable voltage to current converter but a complete system solution.  If you already have a voltage that you can vary as an input one of our current drivers may be a better…

  • 类似AD5750,只需电压输出




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