• AD5750-1 HART?

    Hi, There

    Q1. Is AD5750-1 compatible with HART?

    Q2. Can I apply CN0278 ciruit for AD5750-1. I mean that AD5750-1 will be used for replacement of AD5422.

  • RE: Shall i Feed 0-2.5V AC signal to AD5750-1 at Vsense+ and Vsense- ?


    Thanks for replying. I hope that "VIN" pin is only for DC(0-2.5V DC) input in AD5750-1. 

    Shall i feed 0-2.5V AC/50hz signal to VIN pin of AD5750-1?

    If I feed AC signal(0-2.5V AC/50hz) to VIN pin, will it damage IC ? How AD5750-1 will perform…

  • AD5750

    hello, i am new to this forum and my apologies if i make any mistake; i am using AD5750 voltage/current driver and it is not working as defined by the datasheet, don't know what is wrong. it output constant 5V for all unipolar output selections and wrong…

  • RE: DAC AD5755-1 Sink mode support

    Hi Sabapathy K,

    The AD5755-1 does not have current sinking capability. A discrete circuitry should be added. I don’t have a design at hand but it would likely take a large amount of area for 4 channels. You may want to look at the AD5750 for single channel…

  • RE: 我想做4~20ma电流输出有没有什么好的芯片





  • AD5750-1: Can the software determine which variant of AD5750 is populated -1 or -2?

    Can the software determine which variant of AD5750 is populated -1 or -2?


    What we have characterized is that the reset cycle typically takes 30us, we
    can’t guarantee the behavior of the part receiving SPI signals during this
    reset cycle…
  • AD5750 circuit


    I'm working on a project where I want to use the AD5750 to create the analog outputs transmitted through SPI.

    I've created a schematic but I'm not positive I did everything right. Is the attached schematic going to work? Or is there some obvious…

  • AD5750 Calibration

    Hi ,

    Can we calibrate that when we input 0V we get 0mA and in the same way when we input 4.096V to get 5V .

    What is the margin that we can see .

    Basically want to know if we can output 0V,0mA and 10.5V,21mA and

    Thanking you

  • Bandwidth AD5750

    Hi, I'm new in this community and I hope you guys can help me!


    I would like to use the AD5750 for a high frequency application but I didn't find information's about the bandwidth of the IC.

    After first tests with the evaluation board …

  • AD5750 支持单电源供电吗?

    AD5750 支持12V单电源供电吗?