• AD5750-1 HART?

    Hi, There

    Q1. Is AD5750-1 compatible with HART?

    Q2. Can I apply CN0278 ciruit for AD5750-1. I mean that AD5750-1 will be used for replacement of AD5422.

  • RE: DAC AD5755-1 Sink mode support

    Hi Sabapathy K,

    The AD5755-1 does not have current sinking capability. A discrete circuitry should be added. I don’t have a design at hand but it would likely take a large amount of area for 4 channels. You may want to look at the AD5750 for single channel…

  • RE: 我想做4~20ma电流输出有没有什么好的芯片





  • AD5750-1: Can the software determine which variant of AD5750 is populated -1 or -2?

    Can the software determine which variant of AD5750 is populated -1 or -2?


    What we have characterized is that the reset cycle typically takes 30us, we
    can’t guarantee the behavior of the part receiving SPI signals during this
    reset cycle…
  • RE: Current Sinking DAC

    Regarding your question – You can certainly operate the AD5398 at a reduced current settling but unfortunately you will no longer be able to get 10 bits of resolution. It might be worth considering the AD5750 ?  This ADI IC is a current/voltage output…

  • AD5750_地引脚连接




  • Questions about chip AD5750-2BCPZ

    I am working for FPGA project using chip AD5750-2BCPZ recently,and face with some trouble:

    (1)According to the data sheet,pins( VSENSE+ and VSENSE- ) are used to protect the device, will they protect the load or just protect the chip AD5750-2BCPZ?


  • 最新ADI官方中文技术资料更新 (2015年4月)

  • RE: How to convert MEMS output to 4mA to 20mA?

    Maybe try looking at 4-20mA Drivers?  Searching the product pages for these parts, I see evaluation boards available for the AD5750 and AD5420.

    We also have current output DACs that could be used for generating 4-20mA.  Just open the selection table for…

  • Connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins directly together

    Is it possible to connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins together, as
    is possible with the AD5755?


    The AD5422's Iout and Vout can be connected together but to prevent additional
    errors in Iout mode there are some pre…